North Sentinel Island – Tribe on the remote island of India would kill anyone who tried Coming ashore

North Sentinel Island is located in the Bay of Bengal. It’s a bit far from civilization and no one has been able to make contact with the native inhabitants. The island is one of the last places left on earth not civilized!

An Indian tribe has lived on the island with very limited contact with outsiders. Anyone who has tried to explore the island has been attacked or killed directly. North Sentinel is so dangerous for foreigners that the Indian government has established an exclusion zone three miles in an effort to prevent further violence.

On January 26, 2006, two fishermen killed by the tribe when their boat was floating near the island. A Coast Guard helicopter Indian has tried to recover the bodies of the fishermen, but was prevented from landing when he was greeted with a hail of arrows tribesmen.
North Sentinel Island 2
On August 2, 1981, the ship grounded on the reef Spring Island North Sentinel. Within a short period of time, shipmates noticed the motionless boat men on the bank carried spears and arrows and construction of boats on the beach. The captain radioed a drop of arms to the ship could defend himself, but did not receive them. Fortunately, heavy seas kept the islanders enough for the crew to be rescued by a helicopter time.
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After the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, the Indian government sent a helicopter to check the inhabitants of the island. While other nearby islands were strongly affected, Sentinelese appeared to have been unharmed. The helicopter observed several members of the clan shooting arrows and throwing stones at the plane floating in an apparent attempt to repel it.
According to the figure between 50 and 400, the Sentinelese have lived in isolation on the island for 60,000 years. The treetops depth makes it difficult to observe the Sentinelese from the air, but based on limited observation data are supposed to hunters.

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When planning a vacation, online reviews about where you plan to visit can come handy. Perhaps the reason why Google for a long time now, has allowed its users to rank and review the mountains, oceans, rivers and even the rainforests. These comments besides being outrageously funny also give interesting insights instead. While the Pacific Ocean, the Amazon rainforest and the Ganges were very popular among users in the past, an interesting destination draw an upward trend on the Google Search Popularity list is North Sentinel Island, which is located on the east coast of India in the Andaman and the Nicobar group.
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To give you a brief description on North Sentinel island, it is home to the indigenous Sentinele, which has long forbidden contact with the outside world. The island has been in the news recently for the death of former US adventurer John Allen Chau 27 years who tried to enter the place and communicate with tribal members without taking proper permission from the Indian government which is required to enter the area.

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With such a rocking incident regions it a few days ago, one would hope that people give opinions rather unpleasant place. However, contrary to all expectations, the island has received 4097 comments so far and it was evaluated 3.9 Google Search.

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But what is more interesting than the note are the views that people who have recently visited the place shared on Google Search. Beautiful scenery not so good arrows meat in the body, the opinions on North Sentinel Island tell a strange and funny story.