Top 10 Strangest Coincidences in History

top 10 strangest coincidences in history 13194
top 10 strangest coincidences in history 13194

Sometimes strange and weird things happen that are beyond are control… they defy explanation. Much like these top 10 strange coincidences in history you’re about to see. Much like a great mystery novel, these stories below are quite chilling… Check em out…

When designing the landscape scenes for video game Deus Ex, one of the artists left out a major landmak of the New York City Skyline: the Twin Towers. To cover the flub, the game made up something about a terrorist attack. This game was made in 2000…And many more coincidences

– Deus Ex video game
– Stalin, Hitler, and Franz Josef
– Choked to death by mint
– Heart attacks
– There were only two cars in the state of Ohio in 1895
– A man was killed when he was struck by a taxi
– RMS Carmania
– The license plate number of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s car
– Tomb of Tamerlane, a descendent of Genghis Khan

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