Titanic disaster could have been prevented if it weren’t for a missing key

rms titanic key

There have cropped many theories on how Titanic sank, but the real key lies with those drowned with it. However, one of such many theories involves one of the few crew members who managed to survive the deadliest commercial peacetime maritime disaster. Fred Fleet was in charge of looking for the icebergs. However, he didn’t have access to the binoculars, as they were locked up and the key didn’t make the journey. Fleet even testified to the senate that if he had the access, he could have seen the impending disaster well in advance to prevent it.

unremarkable piece of metal could have saved the Titanic from disaster
Catastrophically for the Titanic and the 1,522 lives lost

Before the ship set sail, the company made a sudden decision of replacing the second officer of the ship David Blair, with Charles Lightoller. And the key to the locker stayed in the pocket of Blair, who had forgotten to hand it over, as the ship got going.

Without access to the glasses, the lookouts in the crow’s nest were forced to rely on their eyes and only saw the iceberg when it was too late to take action.

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