The time the US Navy dropped a toilet on the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war

A 25 decided to drop something new on the enemy
A 25 decided to drop something new on the enemy

A toilet was broken at the USS Midway and was set to be thrown overboard, but the pilots recovered to be abandoned at the pound 6 millionth of explosives to be dropped on the enemy in the theater!

Due to the low supply bomb, it was not too unusual for the space is open on the wing, so the VA-25 drivers decided to drop something new on ‘enemy. The pilot of the Sky Raider A-1, which made the “strike” CDR Clarence Stoddard, was unfortunately killed in 1966 later.

Of course, the Wandering soul operation seems to be even stranger.

The US Navy at the Gamekeeper operation, intercepting traffic Viet Cong in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam, was playing strange funeral prayers in Vietnamese and distorted voices, citing the belief that those who die outside of his homeland is condemned to walk the earth as a living dead. The speakers use mounted gun and choppers, they hoped to frighten the superstitious enemy combatants. For what success this unknown HAD.