This happened yesterday in Luxembourg

This happened yesterday in Luxembourg

This happened yesterday in Luxembourg

This happened yesterday in Luxembourg from WTF

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46 thoughts on “This happened yesterday in Luxembourg

  1. NearbyCombination429 says:

    You can pick up your car in the next station

  2. The driver sure took their sweet ass time getting out of the train’s way.

  3. Awesomedudei says:

    Love how the older man turns into a GTA NPC at 18 seconds

  4. snacksy13 says:

    ## In case of emergency drive down barrier

  5. mbrallier says:

    My father has worked for a major US based rail company for nearly thirty years, and his go to line is “Nothing beats a train. Even when two trains meet one’s gotta lose.”

  6. They could have just drove through the barrier. These train barriers are not solid, they have clips on them that break very easily they are designed to be driven through.

    Edit. She might have been ok but the impact would have rocked the fuck out of the train operators.

  7. Water_Melonia says:

    Where did the driver and the person walking up to her in the bright shirt go? They are still close to the car when the train hits it, and when the train has passed you only hear screams but I cannot figure out where they went?

  8. NervousAddie says:


  9. Passivemuch says:

    Aaand magic, it’s gone just like that.

  10. RealDacoTaco says:

    So this is why belgian trains are always delayed… ( This seems to be a belgian nmbs train?)

  11. Was there anybody else in the car?

  12. I am in awe of how calmly the owner exits the vehicle, and causally looks to go around the barrier, then under it.

    There’s just an aura of “Oh well, I guess it couldn’t be helped” about it all!

  13. NickM5526 says:

    In my experience barriers are like McDonald’s, you can just drive through them if you have to

  14. Ugh I don’t want to damage my car by running through the barrier, I’ll just leave my car to get damaged by the train.

  15. Hendrixsrv3527 says:

    If she had backed up to the other gate she wouldn’t have been hit lol dumbass

  16. I’ve seen so many videos where people stop, and don’t want to break through the gate… It always baffles me why they wouldn’t just gas it through. Most gate are designed to breakaway in an event like this, anyway.

  17. Dan_Glebitz says:

    Yet another video clearly showing the train driver making no attempt whatsoever to swerve around the stopped car.

  18. That train is a magician

  19. fleeyevegans says:

    The barriers literally pop off. You drive right through them if this happens to you.

  20. Nimmy_the_Jim says:

    She didn’t think to just drive through the barrier?

  21. splintersmaster says:

    This will get buried in sure but this exact thing happened to the vehicle in front of me at a track with similar trains passing through. The lady panicked and stopped on the track and wouldn’t get out. I heard the horn blaring and new there was maybe 30 seconds before impact. She sat in the car panicking.

    I ran out of my truck and lifted the gate in front of her and began yelling at her to hit the gas. While it wasn’t am epic last second escaped by a hair movie scene it was probably the closest any of us would be to death without actually dying.

    I did feel selfishly bad that she just drove off without stopping to thank me. All the other drivers at the intersection took no action either. People panic and get weird man. Always keep your cool.

  22. 5starcats says:

    How to make a car disappear. Now you see it, now you don’t. Magic.

  23. Nearly all 20 of the top comments refusing to understand why the driver did not act in a logical manner. In other words, oblivious to the concept of panic.


  24. Vertebrae_Viking says:

    Did anyone get hurt?

    Pro tip, the bars at railroad crossings are made to break easily because of the possibility of this exact event.

    “But won’t I damage the car?!”

    Yes. Yes you will. But a 5000 (or more) metric ton speeding object of a tubular shape with a small frontal surface of impact will turn it into powder if you don’t move the car.

    Edit: autocorrect

  25. NoTearsOnlySmellz says:

    You can break those barriers with your car

  26. It’s so rare to see the entire population of a country in one video!

  27. LegitRobert says:

    Maybe I don’t understand, but why don’t people just drive through the gates? I’ve seen plenty of videos of those things breaking very easily. Wouldn’t it make more sense to pay for damages of the drop gate rather than the fucking train hitting the car?

  28. quixoticanon says:

    Pro tip: Those gate arms a specifically designed to snap off and be reused for exactly a situation like this.

    That said, blocking the exit path to clear the crossing is bad crossing design (for exactly this reason) and you rarely see it in North America.


    Source: I work in railway signalling

  29. Jamie_Canuck says:

    Good way to get rid of your sleeping spouse… “I’m just running into the store… just wait here in the car!”

  30. almostaccepted says:

    The body language of the person crossing the barrier does not properly communicate how immediately that train crashes into their car lol. Just moseying off the track like a turtle on the beach

  31. diamond_lover123 says:

    Ever heard of the trolley dilemma? It’s this philosophical/psychological conundrum where a train is heading down a track and about to run over 5 people. You are the track operator and have the option to change the track so the train instead runs over 1 person. Objectively, the choice seems obvious, but subjectively, making that decision means you are personally responsible for that one person’s death while sitting back and doing nothing is just letting nature take its course. This makes the decision a lot harder to make than it should be.

    In the video here, the driver of the car is viewing the car like the 5 people from the trolley dilemma and the gate like the 1 person. If they sit there and let their car get destroyed, it is an unfortunate accident. If they ram through the gate, it turns into a deliberate destructive act. Even though it seems obviously better to ram through the gate, some people just can’t shoulder the weight of being deliberately destructive.

  32. There’s no urgency to the female leaving the car whatsoever, no panic, not even with a train quite clearly coming.

    Jilted lover?

  33. Everyone needs to fucking know that if you’re stuck in the fucking tracks, drive through and break the arms that go down. They are designed not only to break, but also to trigger the train’s brakes as well.

    Get the fuck out of the way.

  34. imposterpill says:

    Why are people commenting like the vehicle was able to move under it’s own locomotion?

  35. i hope no one was else in the car….

  36. If the car didn’t work, then ok, but if it did, what an idiot

  37. GunpowderLad says:

    Drive through the fucking barrier thing? A damaged windshield is a whole lot better than damaging a train and totaling your car.

  38. Due_Dealer7884 says:

    Not sure if this has been asked but “what legally happens after this type of a scenario?”
    Curious because we never see the “after” in these type of videos and I’m genuinely interested how it’s handled after the fact.

  39. PlatonicLoveChild says:

    To Quote Tommy Boy… “That was awesome! Sorry about your car.”

  40. jdh1979jdh says:

    Let’s see here, there is no way I would want to damage my car driving through the guards, the train would do much less damage. Yep, that settles it.

  41. Fredboi1987 says:

    certainly an interesting episode of Thomas and friends.

  42. Why are there people screaming at the end someone got hurt?

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