Thinker or Rodeo Queen: Which Job is Proper for YOU?

It wasn’t that way back–in geological phrases–that I got here to a fork within the street of my profession path. I’d graduated from school with a level in philosophy, however confronted an unsure future. All of the graduate college students in philosophy that I encountered didn’t appear to do a lot of something. They hung across the identical espresso retailers as me, taking pictures the breeze, which for a philosophy main generally is a gale-force wind.

Philosophy graduate pupil in lounge, pretending to grasp Kant

I discovered that job prospects for philosophers had been slim. The solely factor you might do with a philosophy diploma was develop into a professor and educate different individuals philosophy, who would then face the identical inevitable future, the way in which the destiny of a cow in a slaughterhouse differs little from those that go earlier than it or come behind it; get off boxcar, stroll straight forward, don’t ask questions–BAM!–get surprised within the head. The cows I imply, not the philosophers. The latter had been already a bit light-headed.

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All of it struck me as one huge, pointless hamster wheel of a life, and one which I wished no a part of. However as a result of I didn’t know what I wished to do or what I used to be finest suited to, I drifted into the regulation, that occupational sinkhole into which liberal arts majors with no specific abilities or overriding ardour move.

In all probability irrelevant, however this turned up on a Google picture seek for “Kuder Choice Check.”

It was solely after I’d settled into my occupation and was resigned to a life studying boring paperwork all day that somebody advised me concerning the Kuder Choice Check, a character take a look at designed to assist individuals discover their true calling. I’m nonetheless kicking myself that I didn’t know that such issues existed again when my future lay earlier than me, as an alternative of behind me. A easy accident, as Bob Dylan may say, nevertheless it made all of the distinction, as Robert Frost would say–assuming he and Dylan had been on talking phrases.

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Thinker or Rodeo Queen: We’ll see which one fits you to a “T.”

And so it’s that I’ve embarked upon an mental train: Challenge myself again to the second once I stood upon the precipice of my working days; I used to be skilled as a thinker, however I’ve carried with me in my time travels a fascination with numerous unusual occupations; chicken sexer, trout farmer, rodeo queen, to see if I might have been higher off pursuing one in all them as an alternative of the regulation. To help me in my inquiry, I’ve invited Friedrich Nietzsche, one of the vital readable–and controversial–philosophers of all time, and Kimberly Ray Markey, Miss Texas Rodeo 2019, to share insights into their chosen fields of endeavor. Fred, Kimberly–welcome.


RODEO QUEEN: Thank yew SO MUCH for inviting me right here right this moment, it’s actually a pleasure to be right here!

ME: Kimberly, I’m going to ask you the primary query.


ME: Bang!

RODEO QUEEN: Ha, ha–you’re a sew!

NIETZSCHE: Can we get on with this?

ME: Sor-ry. Anyway–what would you say is an important factor to recollect if you wish to be a rodeo queen?

RODEO QUEEN: Religion, household, and love for our nation are put first earlier than all issues.

NIETZSCHE: Life terminates the place the “Kingdom of God” begins.

RODEO QUEEN: What’s his downside?

ME: These are extra like–useful character traits. I meant issues you must know in an effort to develop into a rodeo queen.

RODEO QUEEN: Be ready to be an sincere and gen-u-wine position mannequin. There may be ALWAYS a little bit lady aspiring to be identical to you!

ME: Fred–how about you. What does it take to develop into a world-class thinker and spoilsport like your self?

NIETZSCHE: Success has all the time been an incredible liar.


RODEO QUEEN: Jeepers–any individual obtained up on the improper facet of the mattress right this moment!

ME: No person’s asking you to disclose your skilled secrets and techniques, Fred, simply what labored for you.

NIETZSCHE: Many are cussed in pursuit of the trail they’ve chosen, few in pursuit of the aim.

ME: Kimberly–being a rodeo queen should be harmful. Do you might have any security ideas for younger women simply beginning out?

RODEO QUEEN: By no means let your hat fall off. If it does, be sure your head is in it.

ME: Fred–individuals consider philosophy as a sedentary job. Is there extra to it than that?

NIETZSCHE: The person has all the time needed to wrestle to maintain from being overwhelmed by the tribe. In case you strive it, you may be lonely typically, and typically frightened. However no worth is simply too excessive to pay for the privilege of proudly owning your self.

ME: So there’s a solitary side to it. How about you, Kimberly?

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RODEO QUEEN: My recommendation is–depart your boyfriend at residence! He may be your finest good friend, however being a rodeo queen is an honor, and ought to be revered!

ME: Okay, so I might go both method on that time, since I don’t play properly with others. Kimberly, turning into a thinker requires a few years of intense intellection.

RODEO QUEEN: What’s “intellection”?

ME: The act of utilizing the mind. Is there a comparable side of rodeo queening?

RODEO QUEEN: You betcha! I inform different women they’ve to review, research, research to be a rodeo queen! Each rodeo queen contest has both a take a look at to take about their rodeo or rodeo questions normally. Additionally, be up on present occasions. There are all the time interview questions that come up about present occasions, rodeo data, or concerning the rodeo affiliation you might be working for.

ME: Nicely, I’ve to say I’ve discovered so much about each professions, and I’m actually torn as to which approach to go. Fred, do you assume your sister may take a crack at turning into a rodeo queen?

NIETZSCHE: The proper lady is a better sort of humanity than the proper man. The pure historical past of animals furnishes grounds in assist of this principle.

ME: Talking of girls and animals–Kimberly, any remaining ideas?

RODEO QUEEN: Being a rodeo queen is simply part of life, not all of it. In case you aren’t sufficient with out the crown, you by no means shall be.

ME: (. . .) I discover that to be a most . . . comforting philosophy.

All quotes after “Can we get on with this?” verbatim. Rodeo queen’s identify–however not Nietzsche’s–modified to guard her innocence.

Accessible in Kindle format on as a part of the gathering “Let’s Get Philosophical.”

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