Things everyone does but no one admits to doing?

  • Everyone is gold digger. No matter who you are, you must have denied this, if by chance anyone saw you doing this act.
  • Peeing in a shower. Suppose you are taking shower and you suddenly realize that you need to attend the nature call. Are you going to get out and pee. Hell NO. You just do in the shower.
  • No matter your age or academic level, if there is a roll call you prepare yourself mentally , so that you don’t shout stupid when you name is called.
  • We hit save button, twice or thrice just to be sure that we have saved the file or any ppt.
  • Judging people in the first go. Our mind automatically makes some impression about someone just looking at their appearance. What do you think about the same guy in two different outfits.
  • Verbally narrate your life when no one else is around.
  • Think of something to put on social media then get a crisis of confidence on the funniness or coolness and delete it. Or getting no like in first few minutes compel you to deleted the post.
  • Adjusting your inner wear. Sometime it really becomes necessary to keep the things at right place.
  • Every time I go to a wedding all I can think of is “they’re going to have sex tonight”. I really can’t stop thinking about this.
  • Put your hand down your pants or in your shirt while you’re watching TV or something on internet. Don’t mean for as sexual aspect but it’s just warm out there.
  • Let your fart fly free when no one else is around.
  • Imagine what would happen if you punch or kiss the person you are talking to.
  • Stalk people on social media. The stalked people are either the most lovable or the most hated person of your life
  • Feel really insecure about your life. Where is my life leading to.
  • 100% of people:

    1. Watch porn.
    2. Masturbate.
    3. Pick their nose. Some people eat their snot, too.
    4. Start diets and end up eating chips at midnight.
    5. Check out their body in the mirror.
    6. Pee in the shower.
    7. Embellish stories to make themselves sound cool.
    8. Fart and blame it on someone else.
    9. Stare at pictures of their crush.
    10. Practice conversations they will probably never have, in front of a mirror.
    11. Record their voice in order to hear what it sounds like to the rest of the world.
    12. Snoop around in other people’s bathrooms.
    13. Enjoy the pooping process.
    14. Concentrate so hard on having the right amount of eye contact with the person they are talking to, that they end up not hearing half of what he/she was saying.
    15. Turn their phones on to check the time, but forget to check the time.

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