These Japanese Researchers Might Have Photographic Proof Of A Megalodon Shark

For some time now, a video has been lurking within the deep recesses of the Web that claims to comprise footage of a megalodon (a large shark that’s considered extinct). It was captured by Japanese scientists.

Many cryptozoologists are keen to make use of this as irrefutable proof of the traditional predator’s continued existence, however YouTuber AllThings Creepy isn’t satisfied. Take a look at his testimony towards this being a megalodon. The child makes some good factors, however are they sufficient to debunk the footage?

I’m no shark knowledgeable, however I believe he has a degree right here. Because of the looking of whales, many species are on the endangered listing, so how would a megalodon be capable to get sufficient meals? Sorry, cryptophiles — this one may simply be a daily outdated shark.

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