These 6 Actual Possessions & Hauntings Put Any Paranormal Exercise Film To Disgrace

Since 2007, the Paranormal Exercise films have steadily grown into one of many highest-grossing horror film franchises of all time. Whereas the terrifying paranormal occasions depicted within the movies are fictional (we hope), there are loads of ghost tales and tales of demonic possession that make Paranormal Exercise look tame.

1. Ouija Board Assault

Ouija Board Attack


In 2012, police in Texas responded to a name for an assault with a lethal weapon. What they discovered once they arrived had been two youngsters. One 15-year-old had stabbed the opposite within the stomach. Fortunately, the sufferer survived the assault after spending a number of days in intensive care. When questioned by the police, the attacker stated that he had been informed by a Ouija board to kill his pal. The teenager stated {that a} spirit had contacted him by way of the board. Allegedly, the spirit satisfied the teenager that his pal was the basis of all his issues.

2. Mysterious Footprints

Mysterious Footprints

Movie Pilot

The Mitten Brewing Firm in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has been coping with a wierd haunting at their historic location for years. Employees there declare that the ghostly footprints of youngsters proceed to seem on the wood flooring (as you may see within the image above). The freakiest footprint story occurred throughout a renovation of a part of the property. After a wall was torn down, the footprint of a small baby was seen on a bit of wooden behind the wall. It was the primary time that wooden had seen daylight in 127 years.

3. Haunted Mirror

Haunted Mirror


When 20-year-old Joseph Birch purchased an outdated vintage mirror from his landlord, the very last thing he anticipated was to unleash a demon into his life. After putting in the mirror, Birch and his roommate started experiencing intense nightmares. Birch stated he even noticed shadows flickering within the mirror. As soon as, he awoke in the course of the evening to seek out pink scratch marks throughout his physique. To rid themselves of the haunting, Birch and his roommate auctioned off the haunted mirror on eBay. For those who purchased the mirror pictured above, you would possibly wish to examine for demons.

4. Janet Hodgson

Janet Hodgson

Movie Pilot

When Janet Hodgson was simply 11 years outdated, she grew to become the sufferer of an evil spirit that connected itself to her. Whereas many individuals would possibly finally recant a story like this, Hodgson has caught to her story. In 2007, in a documentary interview, she referred to as the account of her ghostly encounter “98 % true.” Hearken to a recording of the “possessed” Hodgson speaking to a health care provider, and resolve for your self if she was telling the reality.

5. Latoya Ammons

Latoya Ammons

Hammond Police

In 2011, Latoya Ammons and her household moved into a brand new home in Indianapolis. Virtually instantly, they started to expertise bizarre, supernatural occurrences. Swarms of black flies plagued them in the course of December, and the sound of heavy footsteps occurred in the course of the evening. These bizarre occurrences turned sinister when Ammons says demons started to own her three youngsters. Paranormal specialists informed Ammons that her home was possessed by at the least 200 demons. Ultimately, the demonic incidents grew to become an excessive amount of to bear for the Ammons household, they usually moved.

6. Anneliese Michel

Anneliese Michel

Mysterious Universe

In 1968, when she was 16 years outdated, Anneliese Michel started affected by common convulsions. Medical doctors recognized her with a robust psychosis. In line with outdated medical studies, she would hallucinate demonic faces all through the day and listen to voices that informed her she was “damned.” Those self same studies additionally describe episodes by which Michel would make demonic faces, rip her garments, eat coal, and lick up her personal urine. After her household exhausted their endurance with conventional medication, they referred to as in a priest to carry out an exorcism. In whole, Michel underwent 76 exorcisms earlier than dying of hunger when she refused to eat. You possibly can hear audio from a kind of exorcisms under.

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If there’s something to remove from this listing of paranormal incidents, it’s that the Paranormal Exercise franchise nonetheless has loads of materials left to tug from for future movies.

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