These 50 Weird Info About Each State Appear Too Loopy To Be Actual

Each state has a number of bizarre, cool, or scary information, however in addition they have some information they’d quite you didn’t know. These are information that aren’t fairly majestic or fascinating. (In reality, they’re simply unhappy.) Don’t fear, your state undoubtedly has one.

And right here it’s. You’re welcome.

1. It’s unlawful to purchase intercourse toys in Alabama.

It's illegal to buy sex toys in Alabama.

You want a health care provider’s be aware. In the meantime, produce costs proceed to skyrocket. Don’t eat the salad.

2. Alaska: The Delinquent State

Alaska: The Antisocial State

Diane McEachern, via LA Times

If Manhattan had Alaska’s inhabitants density, there could be 28 folks on the island. You can also’t see Russia.

3. Arizona’s has the worst-named pure function.

Arizona's has the worst-named natural feature.

Wikimedia Commons

Even Wikipedia thinks the aerial shot of this volcano close to Flagstaff appears like a “rest room disaster.” It’s politely referred to as S.P. Crater, however the true identify is “Sh*t Pot.”

4. Why IS there an S on the finish?

Why IS there an S at the end?

Wikimedia Commons

Befuddling foreigners for years, it’s really unlawful (technically) to mispronounce “Arkansas” whereas in Arkansas. The regulation’s been on the books since 1947. (Really it’s a mix of Sioux and French pronunciations that led to the silent S. Now you realize.)

5. California’s environmental legacy

California's environmental legacy

Wikimedia Commons

The California grizzly is the state animal, and seems on California’s flag. Settlers within the nineteenth century marveled at its majesty. So after all they shot all of them and now they’re all lifeless.

6. Colorado has horrible stoner humor

Colorado has terrible stoner humor

Huffington Post/BuzzFeed

They needed to change the 420 mile marker in Colorado with this as a result of it stored getting stolen. I perceive every thing can appear funnier once you’re blazed, however come on, guys.

7. Connecticut as soon as banned driving whereas homosexual

Connecticut once banned driving while gay

The Day

Okay, so at the least they acquired over their gay-induced driving panic, however in 1970, a person was denied a driver’s license due to his sexual orientation.

8. Delaware desecrated a cemetery

Delaware desecrated a cemetery

The Cemetery Traveler

A cemetery was flooded when the Delaware River was rerouted, and to at the present time, tombstones nonetheless wash up on shore. Didn’t anybody ever watch horror films?

9. Florida actually likes to masturbate

Florida really likes to masturbate


Okay, to be sincere, every thing about Florida is fairly embarrassing, however that doesn’t imply Florida doesn’t love itself. So much. In public. (Critically, public masturbation is a matter.)

10. Georgia is critical about soda

Georgia is serious about soda

East Cobber

Georgia is house to Coca-Cola. On State Coke Day in 1998, a scholar was suspended for sporting a Pepsi shirt.

11. Hamsters and hummingbirds are unlawful in Hawaii

Hamsters and hummingbirds are illegal in Hawaii


If these little critters acquired out, they’d trigger widespread ecological harm. Guinea pigs advert chinchillas are okay, although.

12. The drop a potato on New Yr’s in Idaho

The drop a potato on New Year's in Idaho

Idaho Potato Drop (yes it has its own website)

As an alternative of a ball, New Yr’s revelers watch a potato descend in Boise. Sadly, it type of appears like one thing apart from a potato.

13. Illinois stole a leg from Mexico and received’t give it again

Illinois stole a leg from Mexico and won't give it back


An Illinois infantry stole Normal Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna’s prosthetic leg through the Mexican-American Warfare. Mexico has repeatedly requested for it again, however Illinois sticks its fingers in its ears and pretends to not hear.

14. Indiana can’t do math

Indiana can't do math

Purdue University

In 1897, state legislators tried to move a invoice that might legally make pi equal 3.2, as a result of decimals are scary.

15. Iowa had a prisoner with a weirdly poetic final meal

Iowa had a prisoner with a weirdly poetic last meal

The Last Meals Project

Sentenced to hold for homicide in 1963 (sure, hold), Victor Feguer requested a single olive with pit as his final meal, and stated he hoped a tree would develop from his physique as an indication of peace. But when he needed peace, he in all probability shouldn’t have killed folks.

16. Kansas likes hands-on studying

Kansas likes hands-on learning

Did You Know Stats

In 2008, Kansas State College’s wind erosion lab was destroyed. By a twister.

17. Kentucky as soon as rained meat and other people ate it

Kentucky once rained meat and people ate it


The meat was doubtless horse, and it doubtless got here from puking vultures. That didn’t cease the barbecue in 1876.

18. Louisiana is in jail

Louisiana is in jail

Watch Opp

One out of each 86 folks on this state is incarcerated, making it the best charge on this planet.

19. Maine doesn’t have a Cabot Cove

Maine doesn't have a Cabot Cove


Cabot Cove of Homicide She Wrote fame isn’t actual, fortunately. If it was, it might have the best homicide charge on this planet.

20. Maryland taxes bathrooms

Maryland taxes toilets

Weird Jobs

Proponents of the mellow yellow follow will get monetary savings in Maryland, the place flushing a bathroom is taxable. It comes out to about $2.50 a month.

21. Massachsetts is windy

Massachsetts is windy

Chicago stole the identify “Windy Metropolis,” however really, Massachusetts has them beat, with 13 of the highest 20 windiest cities within the nation.

22. Who falls for the Nigerian prince rip-off? Michigan.

Who falls for the Nigerian prince scam? Michigan.

Wikimedia Commons

Alcona County misplaced over 1,000,000 {dollars} within the famously silly rip-off. In 2007.

23. Minnesota is sensitive

Minnesota is touchy

Wikimedia Commons

Sinclair Lewis wrote Predominant Avenue, which criticized the closed-mindedness of Minnesotans. True to type, Minnesota banned the ebook.

24. Mississippi is racist (however you knew that)

Mississippi is racist (but you knew that)

Muppet Wikia

Even if Kermit is canonically from Mississippi, the present was banned in 1970 as a result of it featured a racially built-in solid.

25. Missouri has a margarine black market

Missouri has a margarine black market

Wikimedia Commons

Margarine can not legally be yellow in Missouri. Unlawful yellow margarine sellers can face 6 months in jail.

26. Montana nearly didn’t get related to Miley Cyrus

Montana almost didn't get associated with Miley Cyrus


Is that good or unhealthy? Anyway, the character was nearly referred to as “Alexis Texas.” Alexis Texas is now the stage identify of a porn star, so there’s that.

27. Nebraska drank the Kool-Support

Nebraska drank the Kool-Aid

Virally Supressed

The sugary drink was invented right here, so the state declared it the official state beverage.

28. Nevada offers you most cancers

Nevada gives you cancer

Wikimedia Commons

The nuclear testing within the Nevada desert is suspected to have triggered most cancers in a whole bunch of individuals, together with actor John Wayne.

29. New Hampshire has a bitter irony

New Hampshire has a bitter irony


The “Dwell Free or Die” license plates are made by prisoners.

30. New Jersey sucked as much as Donald Trump

New Jersey sucked up to Donald Trump

Wikimedia Commons

Everybody makes enjoyable of Jersey, however they type of deserve it. One time, they tried to make use of eminent area on an aged girl’s house so Trump might construct a parking zone for his limos.

31. New Mexico’s first graduate didn’t make it to the ceremony

New Mexico's first graduate didn't make it to the ceremony


Sam Metal was the one individual in his 1893 graduating class at New Mexico State College. Simply the one. However he was fatally shot earlier than he might get his diploma.

32. New York had a riot over hats

New York had a riot over hats

Wikimedia Commons

In 1922, New Yorkers rioted for 8 days over whether or not it was socially acceptable to put on a straw hat after September 15. A number of folks have been arrested on this show of rational grownup thought.

33. We bombed North Carolina (nearly)

We bombed North Carolina (almost)

Wikimedia Commons

In 1961, two nuclear bombs fell on North Carolina, every bigger than the one dropped on Hiroshima. Evidently, they didn’t detonate, however one got here a bit to shut, with solely the security swap prevented a catastrophe.

34. Everybody forgets about North Dakota

Everyone forgets about North Dakota

Wikimedia Commons

It was admitted to the Union in 1889, however as a consequence of a clerical error, North Dakota wasn’t technically a state till 2011. Nobody seen.

35. Ohio may need to do one thing about that.

Ohio might want to do something about that.


Ohio’s Cuyahoga River is so polluted that it’s caught fireplace. A number of occasions.

36. Oklahoma doesn’t know the distinction between a fruit and a vegetable

Oklahoma doesn't know the difference between a fruit and a vegetable

State Symbols USA

Oklahoma declared the watermelon its state vegetable in 2007, claiming that it’s associated to cucumbers and gourds and due to this fact not a fruit. However we predict it’s as a result of they don’t like salad.

37. Oregon has a tiny park

Oregon has a tiny park

Wikimedia Commons

That’s it. That’s the park. No canines, please.

38. Pennsyvania doesn’t care how good the storage is

Pennsyvania doesn't care how good the storage is

Modern Farmer

It’s unlawful in Pennsylvania to make use of a milk crate for something aside from containers of milk. The regulation was enacted to forestall the reselling of stolen milk.

39. Rhode Island has the worst mascot ever

Rhode Island has the worst mascot ever


We’re sorry about this, guys. That is so gross. The Rhode Island Faculty Of Design is seemingly run by 12-years-olds as a result of its mascot is “Scrotie,” who is a big dong, and, higher nonetheless, the basketball crew is known as the “Balls” and the hockey crew is known as the “Nads.” Faculty spirit!

40. South Carolina is cautious of pinball

South Carolina is wary of pinball

Myrtle Beach Arcades

It’s unlawful to play pinball in South Carolina if you happen to’re underneath 18. We assume Duke Nukem is okay.

41. South Dakota could possibly be higher

South Dakota could be better

Red Cloud School

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation has a life expectancy of 48, second solely to Haiti. It’s acquired one of many lowest requirements of dwelling within the Western hemisphere.

42. Tennessee is grisly

Tennessee is grisly

The Tampa Tribune

Tennessee introduced again the electrical chair in 2014 as a substitute for deadly injections, that are scarce. Simply don’t ask them to surrender killing folks. The chair is from 1916, and is constructed of the wooden from the gallows it changed.

43. Texas likes to burn stuff carelessly

Texas likes to burn stuff carelessly

Texas Climate News

The coal energy vegetation alone in Texas produce as a lot air pollution as the whole nation of Egypt.

44. Utah wants a dictionary

Utah needs a dictionary

Business Insider

In 2006, a trainer in Utah wrote about homophones, or phrases that sound the identical. Ethical panic ensued and the trainer was fired as a result of the phrase type of gave the impression of “gay.” The college board thought use of this phrase promoted the “homosexual agenda” quite than, you realize, literacy.

45. Vermont is brief

Vermont is short

Wikimedia Commons

The tallest constructing in Vermont is 11 tales, making it the shortest tallest constructing within the nation.

46. Virginia clearly didn’t do the studying task

Virginia clearly didn't do the reading assignment

Wikimedia Commons

This traditional was banned in 1966 on grounds of being “immoral.” Writer Harper Lee arrange a fund in response. The fund was to coach the college board, as a result of she figured they have to be illiterate.

47. Washington makes horses cry

Washington makes horses cry


Intercourse with animals was not formally banned till 2005, when a person died from inside accidents following intercourse with a horse.

48. West Virginia likes pizza rather a lot

West Virginia likes pizza a lot

A Simple Home Cook

West Virginia has extra pizza locations than it does gyms.

49. Wisconsin gave up on birds

Wisconsin gave up on birds

Wikimedia Commons

A minimum of in Madison. Home cats kill so many birds that town’s official chicken is the plastic garden flamingo.

50. Wyoming prefers the steps

Wyoming prefers the stairs

Casper Star Tribune

There are solely two escalators in the whole state of Wyoming.

And there you will have it! What horrible (or not so horrible) factor is your state recognized for?

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