There’s A Group Dedicated To Sharing “You Had One Job” Fails, And Here Are 58 Of The Funniest Ones (New Pics)

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They say, if you never fail, you never learn. But some mistakes are so silly, so ridiculously silly, you can’t help but wonder if the people responsible still care about anything they do.

The subreddit r/onejob the place for these funny mishaps. Fire it up on any given day and you’ll see pictures of a poorly dressed mannequin, unfortunate typos in important articles, and pretty much all kinds of blunders on the job.

We at Bored Panda already covered the online community here and here, but people keep failing, so we have to keep going. Enjoy.

#1 Oh No, Not Germans!

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#2 A Genius Baker

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#3 I Know How I Will Proposeto My Girl!

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Image credits: d00rm4n

#4 An Honest Mistake, But I Can’t Help But Feel Bad For This Guy

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#5 When You Really Just Don’t Care

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#6 Goddamnit Bruce!

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#7 Touch Bread With What?

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#8 My Mom Found A Whole Potato In The Bag Of French Fries Tonight

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#9 Updated The Death Clock Boss

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Image credits: ilhastz

#10 You’re Used To American Bananas. These Are Australian Bananas. That’s Why You’re Confused

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#11 Slenderman Is Crying

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#12 That’s… Not A Fox

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#13 Just Google The United Nations Logo For The Background

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Image credits: meltingintoice

#14 Uncut Fork

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#15 Forever Cone

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#16 Help Stepboat, I’m Stuck

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Image credits: lChromel

#17 Whoever Renovated Our Home Last, You Suck

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#18 French Air Force

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Image credits: Boopey-Doopey

#19 Very Relatable

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#20 Picture Sliding Puzzle

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#21 There Was An Attempt To Alleviate Back Pain

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#22 Will You Be My Bebe Frifri?

Image credits: MrMinecraftguy8

#23 Mannequins Are Too Complicated

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Image credits: zingingcutie29

#24 Any Given Monday

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#25 Store In Ontario Blocks Off Masks As Non-Essential Items

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Image credits: Kniterhippie

#26 We Live In Confusing Times

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#27 Dude Seriously

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Image credits: enby_redditor

#28 Got My Token Of Gratitude As A Healthcare Worker At Work Today, Notice Anything?

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#29 New Staircase At My School

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#30 Installed The Urinal Boss!

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#31 She Says “Madam” To The Man

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#32 Just Call It Whatever, I Can’t Spell Bok Choy

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#33 Low Expectations From Mcdonald’s Still Don’t Cut It

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Image credits: Hstuckey

#34 Whose Idea Was It To Put An Elastic Band Around This

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#35 Recruiters Being Recruiters

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#36 Ah I’ve Always Called It Wrong

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#37 Ah Yes Sopt, Just What Could It Mean

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#38 What A Handy Brother-In-Law

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Image credits: Inconspicuous_-_User

#39 The Drain In My Airbnb

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#40 Seriously?

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#41 I Parked The Boat Boss

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Image credits: JollyGoodDaySr

#42 No Cap Needed

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#43 Found This In The Green Room Of My School’s Theatre

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Image credits: itsobnoxiouslove

#44 Wrong Shape For The Wrong Frame

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#45 Need Spanish

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Image credits: iwhatikill

#46 Why Did They Put Nail Cutter ?

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Image credits: iwantacrepe

#47 I Have To See This Every Morning For Work

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Image credits: 17th2004

#48 Yup! The Answer Is Obvious

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Image credits: LittleJoyd

#49 For The Past Year Someone Has Been Putting The Price Sticker Over The Straw Hole. Purest Form Of Evil

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#50 Is It Right Or Wrong

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#51 I Hate That I Have To See This Every Morning At Work

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#52 The Testing Site Near My School Apparently Has A Special Gift

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#53 Ah Yes, A Pie

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Image credits: AnthonyMelia684

#54 How’d You Cut A Pizza This Bad When It’s Your Job. Gotta Be His First Day

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#55 Me: “Thank You”, Baker: “No, Tank You”

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Image credits: Kamen_Liar

#56 Ah Yes, Gngineering

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#57 They Put The Bun Upside Down

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#58 Picture Of A Lesbian Couple? Right To Got It

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Image credits: Drops-of-Q

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