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Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, and Meghan

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Hot Topic Black Lives Matter

Panel talks about another police incident where police responded to 16 yr old Ma’Khia Bryant lunging with a knife towards another girl, which resulted in her being shot 4 times and she died at the scene. Plays clip of Don Lemon who talks about the danger of the situation, different from other cases. Joy wonders why she wasn’t tased or the officer fired in the air, or at a non-lethal area of body. Sunny thinks Lemon is wrong, why is deadly force the first option particularly for poc, they go from zero to execution [accurate]. Sunny is angry and compares to other scenarios where white perpetrators were treated differently. Meghan talks about the other girl (potential knife victim), and the foster mother, but says poc are always treated differently which needs to stop, then complains about Lebron James tweet (now deleted), and somehow links MeToo movement, whew.

Sara felt it was tragic. When police pull up on scene, nothing in the lawn fight slowed down or paused at arrival of police with sirens, police saw a weapon and acted to defend against other girl in pink jumpsuit. Whoopi says Bryant called foster mother and grandfather, because the other girls followed her home. Police rolled up not knowing who was who, saw Bryant lunging with knife and instead of trying other options, shot first at knife holder. Diverts to Lebron and others. Moves to investigating and accountability.

Hot Topic Whoopi on Cover of Variety

Segment starts off asking who will watch the Oscars. Sara might watch, then mentions Whoopi on cover of Variety, 30th anniversary of her win for Ghost. Joy talks about the Variety article, the director was hesitant to cast a comedian despite her performance in The Color Purple. Sunny asks about Whoopi writing a superhero movie, where the hero is an older Black woman. Whoopi explains her thoughts on that.

Hot Topic Rep Karen Bass

Rep Karen Bass (D-CA) is the lead sponsor in the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. They talk about what was different with this case, and it’s eventual verdict. That it will be a tipping point for police reform. Prosecution focused on not being anti-police, Bass says the Blue Wall cracked because of the enormity of Chauvin’s actions. Bass says she was shocked when judge claimed Waters comments might lead to successful appeal, and she believes Waters was referring to protesting. Biden didn’t speak until jury was sequestered. Talks about Bryant case. Bass feels it was personal to her, she’s worked for child welfare causes, Bryant was in a group home, why do so many poc die at the hands of police. Need to take a step back, why do officer interactions result in death. May be more than reported, because some have lies for how the person died during police interaction. Bass talks about Daunte Wright case, officer claims it was an accident. Bass wondered why he was stopped to begin with. Due to covid, people hadn’t been stopped for admin infractions because state DMVs are way behind.

More details about George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Should include national standards for 18,000 police forces across the country. Bill passed House but stalled in Senate. Still feels optimistic that they will push this through.

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