The unreal scenes in the following movies are really incredible

movie scene red bikini
movie scene red bikini

1. No matter what kind of building ventilation duct is a perfect hiding place. No one ever thought of you hiding there. And you can move to other parts of the building unimpeded.

2. The Eiffel Tower can be seen from the window of any room in Paris.

3. In a gunfight, a person fighting against twenty people is usually easier to hit the target than twenty people fighting against one person.

4. If you want to dance in the street, the people you meet will know how to dance.

5. All time bombs have red time readings, you can know when they explode.

6. As long as you work hard enough, you can escape the explosion site.

7. The car in the accident must explode.

8. All the sheets on the L-shaped bed just reach the woman’s armpit, but for the man sleeping next to her, it only reaches the waist.

9. All clocks and watches are synchronized to the second.

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10. No matter how blurred the photo is, the details can be clearly displayed after zooming in.

11. People speak English no matter where they come from, even aliens who have never been to the earth and have seen humans.

12. There is always a doctor who can provide appropriate medical assistance in the airplane or the house.

13. A father who is busy with work always forgets his son’s birthday.

14. Many musical instruments can be played without moving fingers.

15. Most people have the habit of collecting newspaper clippings. Especially his family or friends who died in a strange shipwreck.

16 Even if you are driving on a straight road, you must turn the steering wheel left and right from time to time.

17. TV news will always broadcast the story that touched you at the most accurate time.

18. The police station always conducts personality tests on their officers so that they can arrange a partner with completely opposite personalities.

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19. All British people live in London.

20.75% of Americans live in New York or Los Angeles. The remaining 25% are racially violent country people, native mountain people or militants on the outskirts of the city.

21. All Australians live in sparsely populated inland areas.

22. The car flying off the cliff always explodes in mid-air for no reason.

23. If someone shoots at you with a fully automatic weapon, just run behind the railing to ensure that the bullet can only hit the pillar.

24. People rarely use toilets. Once used, it means he will die in a few minutes.

25. A power grid sufficient to kill a dinosaur usually does not cause serious harm to an 8-year-old boy! (“Jurassic Park”)

26. You can start the car with the key as soon as you enter the car. But in an emergency, I don’t know where the key is.

27. If you type an incorrect password on someone else’s computer, the system will give you some hints so that you can guess the other parts.

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28. Blood relatives usually look very different from each other.

29. Monsters are always approaching you sneakily, no matter how huge or clumsy he is.

30. In a shootout, stick your head out of the bunker and never get hit. Especially when you have to turn your head back and talk to the person behind you.

31. Splash a cup of black coffee or cold water on your face to wake up the drunk.

32. No matter how badly the spacecraft is damaged, the internal gravity system is always intact

33. A million dollars in cash or cocaine is always just the size of your suitcase.