The Trump household is flying from New York to DC

the trump family is flying from new york to dc 14250

Donald appears to be like down on the cities under and says “I believe I’ll throw a $1,000 greenback invoice out of the window and make some American comfortable.” Melania says “However the $1,000 greenback invoice was discontinued, honey.” So then Ivanka says "MOTHER, FATHER. STOP FIGHTING. I AM GOING DOWN." as a result of she was the airplane (I believe I forgot to say that). As the entire airplane spirals to the bottom, to that the pilot says “Sure, I do imagine that invoice was disconti-“


An American ultimately finds the wreckage and pulls out the $1,000 invoice. In the midst of the word was a headshot of Trump. The person was arrested for taking pictures the president of America.

Within the jugular, as a result of the person was a juggler.

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