The Star Wars Saga: A Summary

The Star Wars saga A summary

The Phantom Menace: Religious fanatics interfere in commerce politics and indoctrinate a child slave into their cult

Attack of the Clones: Religious fanatics interfere in commerce politics yet again but this time it starts a galactic war

Revenge of the Sith: Pregnancy announcement goes horribly wrong

Solo: A man and his dog cheat and scheme their way through life

Rogue One: The power of friendship triumphs over evil

A New Hope: Hermit indoctrinates impressionable youth into a cult and turns him into an intergalactic terrorist

The Empire Strikes Back: Estranged father makes terrible first impression on his two children

Return of the Jedi: Son has unyielding amount of patience for his father’s bullshit

The Force Awakens: Hitler-youth antagonizes an interracial couple

The Last Jedi: White feminist falls in love with a space nazi

The Rise of Skywalker: White Feminist kills the CEO of racism

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