The Star Wars Holiday Special FULL VIDEO – It Only Aired Once, But Drew In Massive Audiences

Few shows that air once become legendary, but the Star Wars Holiday Special did, because it’s just terrible. Broadcast live up to Patchwork Star Wars fever in 1978, the science fiction written by veteran television variety show centered around celebrations “Life Day” on the home planet of Chewbacca. Much of the action featured Chewbacca’s family watching holographic TV; Diahann Carroll made a slightly erotic dance, Harvey Korman played a multiple TV chief army, and Bea Arthur sang a song from the Mos Eisley Cantina.

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Star Wars Original Star members Harrison Ford distribution, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher made very brief appearances, and they were very sorry. At a press conference for Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015, Ford called “an embarrassment” special while Fisher called “terrible, and I do not want terrible in the right direction. “Hamill said in a Reddit” Ask Me Anything “session that he thought the special holiday” was a mistake from the start. “He said he initially turned down, but Lucas said the show would” help keep Star Wars in consciousness.

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The infamous special holiday is a kind of cinematic Bigfoot. He is so famous, everyone knows what special holiday reading of which we speak. Many talk about it, but few have seen and facts about Star Wars Holiday Special is rare and creepy. The special was a high-profile televised event which aired only once in 1978, and has since been adopted by the bands around bootlegged and, subsequently, Internet piracy. The singular adds will be broadcast live to the mystique of the event, but it was hidden for more closely related to the shame of reasons.

The “story” follows the Wookie Chewbacca family awaiting the return of Chewie for Life Day, which is essentially the space of Christmas. The special is a kind of variety show, with many odd, oddly placed vignettes interspersed in the main drama. The story of what happened to the Star Wars Holiday Special is almost as outrageous as the movie itself. George Lucas, in a rare moment of honest self-assessment, hated the whole thing, and tried to erase from history. Unfortunately for Mr. Lucas, famous nerds have long and detailed memories, so the fire infamous dumpster special television on life to induce shame in a whole new generation of Star Wars fans.