The Sport of Logic by Lewis Carroll


  • No bald individual wants a hair-brush; No lizards have hair.
  • Some oysters are silent; No silent creatures are amusing.
  • All smart males stroll on their toes; All unwise males stroll on their palms.
  • No bridges are product of sugar; Some bridges are picturesque.
  • No frogs write books; Some folks use ink in writing books.
  • Some desires are horrible; No lambs are horrible.
  • All wasps are unfriendly; All puppies are pleasant.
  • All geese waddle; Nothing that waddles is swish.
  • Bores are horrible; You’re a bore.
  • Some mountains are insurmountable; All stiles will be surmounted.
  • No Frenchmen like plum-pudding; All Englishmen like plum-pudding.
  • No idlers win fame; Some painters will not be idle.
  • No lobsters are unreasonable; No cheap creatures count on impossibilities.
  • No fossils will be crossed in love; Any oyster could also be crossed in love.
  • No nation, that has been explored, is infested by dragons; Unexplored international locations are fascinating.
  • A prudent man shuns hyaenas; No banker is imprudent.
  • No misers are unselfish; None however misers save egg-shells.
  • All pale individuals are phlegmatic; Nobody, who is just not pale, seems to be poetical.
  • All jokes are supposed to amuse; No Act of Parliament is a joke.
  • No quadrupeds can whistle; Some cats are quadrupeds.
  • Gold is heavy; Nothing however gold will silence him.
  • No emperors are dentists; All dentists are dreaded by youngsters.
  • Caterpillars will not be eloquent; Jones is eloquent.
  • Some bald folks put on wigs; All of your youngsters have hair.
  • Weasels typically sleep; All animals typically sleep.
  • Everyone has seen a pig; No person admires a pig.

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