The search for Ash

I have a pet bird named Ash. Back when he was 5 – 6 months old, I would usually take him on walks in my neighborhood without a leash (his wing feathers at the time were clipped).

One day, when I was taking Ash out for a walk, he flew out from my shoulder. At first, the walk was pretty normal. I was walking around for a lil, and then decided that I would take a new route around the neighborhood than I usually do with Ash.

That’s when it happened.

There was someone walking his dog nearby, and the dog noticed Ash on my shoulder. The dog immediately started barking at me and Ash. Ash got startled by the dog, and started flying.

Note that:

  1. Ash was starting to grow his clipped feathers back
  2. Ash couldn’t properly fly
  3. It was a little bit windy at the time.

At first when Ash was flying, I wasn’t that worried since I thought ash couldn’t fly very well, and that he was just land on the grass nearby. But Ash started picking up height, and soon he was high in the sky. I instantly tried chasing after him, but it was to no use. Soon he was out of sight. I started crying, and went back home and told my mom what had just happened, and she unusually didn’t get get mad at me, and instead she was calming me down. After I had stopped crying, My mom said that we could go search for Ash, and tell our neighbors to look out for a clumsily flying bird.

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We were eventually able to track down Ash on this tree nearby. We tried everything to get him back down, We played cockatiel mating noises (Ash is a cockatiel), We tried whistling to him, We even got Lemon (my other pet bird) outside in her cage to try call him down! Sadly, we were unsuccessful that day.

The next day, My mom decided to go outside for a walk, and whaddaya know! She found Ash sitting on a sign! My mom was able to take ash back home safely without him startling. She told me that she was able to find Ash, and boy was I relieved! I immediately put Ash back in his cage, because I was not gonna take any more chances with him!

I still take Ash out of his cage, but I don’t plan on taking Ash outside any time soon

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