The Scarlet Witch’s 5 Greatest Marvel Moments

Scarlet Witchs Best MCU Moments

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is so huge that the M in MCU could as nicely stand for “Huge.” And this huge cinematic universe is populated with dozens upon dozens of characters with wealthy character arcs that unfold throughout a number of films. This robust dedication to character is the rationale the MCU succeeds and persists all these years later. And now that the franchise is incorporating Disney+ collection into this sprawling narrative, lots of previously ensemble gamers are getting the possibility to take the lead and actually present out.

Within the hole between the top of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the beginning of Loki on June 9, we’re going to rejoice all these marvelous leads by breaking down their finest, most memorable and most pivotal moments throughout a decade (or extra) of film continuity.

First up is, in fact, the Scarlet Witch, a.okay.a. Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). After a cameo in 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and her debut as certainly one of many new faces in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Wanda assumed the surprising position as not solely the collection lead for WandaVision, however as the primary Marvel hero to headline her personal Disney+ collection. That’s fairly a journey, from a dingy cell in a HYDRA base all the best way to suburban New Jersey.

Listed here are our 5 finest Scarlet Witch moments, in launch date order.


Wanda assembles (‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’)

Picture: Disney+

Wanda Maximoff might’ve tapped out. Hawkeye gave her the selection whereas these two extremely unlikely allies (bear in mind how Wanda spent the primary 100+ minutes of this film attempting to kill the Avengers?) discovered shelter in a bombed out constructing on the newly skybound Sokovia. As Hawkeye defined, the state of affairs was ridiculously harmful and dangerously ridiculous. The Avengers had been a staff of heroes up towards a military of robots on a flying hunk of actual property that Ultron supposed to drop on Earth like an atomic bomb. The stakes had been excessive—and Wanda had a alternative. We now know, by flashbacks in WandaVision, that the lady had already been by it. Her dad and mom had been victims of conflict after which she was radicalized and experimented on by HYDRA. She threw in with Ultron to get revenge on Iron Man, the person who made the missiles that blew up her life, solely to search out out that Ultron was truly a genocidal monster. She was rightly terrified and traumatized—so Hawkeye gave her an out! She might shelter in place, and anticipate Pietro to get her. Or she might step out that door and change into an Avenger. Wanda awoke and selected heroism.

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Cooking with Imaginative and prescient (‘Captain America: Civil Conflict’)

Picture: Disney+

Captain America: Civil Conflict was the turning level for Wanda. In a film completely filled with characters and arcs-aplenty, Wanda’s stands out for the best way it piles much more tragedy on prime of this character. Nobody can console Wanda after her lethal mistake in Lagos, not even Captain America. After which there’s Imaginative and prescient. Whereas the 2 met in Age of Ultron, Civil Conflict is basically the place their romance blossoms. The sympathetic synthezoid proves to be the one Avenger who can stroll by Wanda’s emotional partitions. Their coronary heart to coronary heart within the kitchen is extremely candy; you possibly can see the spark of chemistry that will later energy all of WandaVision proper right here. However as a result of that is the MCU, all of it takes a darkish flip the minute Wanda realizes Imaginative and prescient’s additionally been assigned to maintain her within the compound it doesn’t matter what.

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Wanda’s sacrifice (‘Avengers: Infinity Conflict’)

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Right here’s the reality that nobody talks about sufficient: Wanda Maximoff was solely certainly one of two folks Avengers: Infinity Conflict to attempt to do what wanted to be executed. Each good man knew that Thanos would obtain godhood the moment he acquired all six Infinity Stones, however each hero gave up the stone they had been tasked with guarding the moment Thanos gave them an unattainable alternative. Loki gave up the Area Stone to maintain Thanos from killing Thor and Gamora gave up the placement of the Soul Stone to save lots of Nebula. Hell, Physician Unusual refused to destroy the Time Stone as a result of he took an oath! Priorities, man! The one individuals who made the robust name to sacrifice a liked one to save lots of the universe had been Star-Lord (never forget that he actually pulled the trigger on Gamora when Thanos grabbed her!!!) and Wanda f’ing Maximoff. It’s a horrible alternative and a philosophical and ethical conundrum, however Wanda—a hero who’d already misplaced her dad and mom and brother!—made the unbelievably wrenching name to destroy the Thoughts Stone and the love of her life with the intention to save half the universe. And if Physician Unusual had simply destroyed the Time Stone, Thanos wouldn’t have been capable of flip again the clock and undo Wanda and Imaginative and prescient’s sacrifice.

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Wanda vs. Thanos (‘Avengers: Endgame’)

Picture: Disney+

Wanda Maximoff’s complete hero journey all led to this: in the midst of an all-out conflict towards Thanos’ military, one towards seemingly each super-powered or highly-trained particular person on Earth, the largest battle sequence in MCU historical past pauses to provide Wanda her second. She’s going up towards Thanos, the mad Titan himself, the person who no different hero has even come near stopping at this level. Not even his shade about not understanding who she is rattles her. She tells this purple jerk that he’s about to be very accustomed to her rage, after which she kicks his ass so assuredly and soundly that Thanos has to name in an airstrike and bomb his personal troops simply to get this witch off his again.

From mustering the braveness to battle again towards a bunch of robots all the best way to blasting the crap out of the best villain in the whole universe with ease. I really like this journey for her.

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Welcome to Westview (‘WandaVision’)

Picture: Disney+

I do know it’s a simple out to only name all of WandaVision simply one of Wanda’s finest MCU moments, however what else am I to do? You would simply do a listing like this that simply contains moments from this one present! Elizabeth Olsen exhibiting off her impeccable comedic timing, all of the faces she pulled because the past depressed sitcom mother, the best way she took flight and confronted her husband these wonderful ’80s denims, the tons of agony she squeezed into simply that one scene of her asking the S.W.O.R.D. receptionist to let her communicate to the supervisor, the best way she lastly assumed the mantle of Scarlet Witch after embracing her grief, her saying goodbye to her youngsters—the whole collection is a spotlight reel for this one character, initially a bit participant in a a lot bigger universe. So I don’t know—choose your favourite Wanda second from WandaVision and stick it right here, as a result of whichever second you choose would be the proper one.

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