The Psychology of Today’s Children

The size of a silver dollar or half dollar mean nothing to them.

They have never feared a nuclear war.

They are too young to remember the space shuttle blowing up.

Tianamen Square means nothing to them.

Their lifetime has always included AIDS.

Bottle caps have always been screw off and plastic.

Reason to Let Your Kids Play Video Games

Atari predates them, as do vinyl albums. The expression you sound like a broken record means nothing to them.

They have never owned a record player.

They have likely never played Pac Man and have never heard of Pong.

They may have never heard of an 8 track. They know what a Compact Disc is, but they probably have never bought one.

As far as they know, stamps have always cost about 50 cents.

What kids think about love and marriage

They have always had an answering machine, but not in the house.

Most today’s children have never seen a black-and-white TV.

They have always had cable.

There have always been DVRs, but they have no idea what BETAMAX is.

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