The Prime Ten Lists Go to School

So your making an attempt to determine on a School, huh? In that case this information ought to assist you to determine what NOT to search for.

! Prime Ten Issues NOT to search for in a university !

10) 99% of all candidates are accepted.
9) The one sports activities are intramural bowling, and dwarf-tossing.
8) The dorms had been constructed over a graveyard.
7) It has the Guiness’s file for largest numbers of unexplained deaths.
6) Drive-thru Commencement.
5) Contests the place they provide away a P.H.D. for 753 Fruit Loops’s field tops.
4) Bars on the home windows and doorways.
3) Their ‘huge’ class is Historical Hungarian Cupboard Making.
2) Historical Hungarian Cupboards.
1) Clown Vomit.

! Prime Ten Issues NOT to search for in a roommate !

10) Oozing lesions.
9) Folks with a `bizarre factor’ for fires.
8) Uncontrolable nostril dripping.
7) Somebody who’s by no means heard of Nintendo.
6) Practices routine ritual sacrifices.
5) An precise SUSCRIBER to PBS.
4) Somebody who’s final 15 roommates have mysteriously disappeared.
3) He retains clown vomit in his again pocket.
2) Wears ‘Relies upon Undergarments’ for the enjoyable of it.
1) Preforms weird sexual practices with livestock.

! Prime Ten Sports activities NOT to search for in a university !

10) Division II scrabble for illiterates.
9) Dwarf Tossing.
8) Full contact lacrosse for the easy minded.
7) Hand-Grenade volleyball.
6) Dwarf Bowling.
5) Weightlifting lepers.
4) Knitting.
3) Pace Skating for the Uncoordinated.
2) Ugly Folks Baseball.
1) Nude Dwarf Bowling for the Illiterate ugly folks with Leprosy.

! Prime Ten Societies NOT to hitch at School !

10) Genghis Kahn Civility Membership.
9) Nude Dwarf Bowling for the Illiterate ugly folks with leprosy of America.
8) Depraved Silly Folks ‘R’ We.
7) Kleptomaniac Society.
6) Lepers Society (look ahead to handouts!).
5) Ugly Folks of Amerika.
4) Social Illness of the Month Membership.
3) Union of Historical Hungarian Cupboard Makers.
2) Brotherhood of the Flame (AKA, Pyromaniacs Nameless)
1) Illiterates of Amerika Uknighted.

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