The Movie Facts ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’

the movie facts the wolf of wall street 31267
the movie facts the wolf of wall street 31267

The Wolf of Wall Street was Leonardo DiCaprio’s pet project. Since he read the book about the real-life Jordan Belfort of the same name, he wanted to make a film on it. Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese came together to make a film for the sixth time. They both stole the show in depicting the story of a stock broker whose only purpose was to earn money.

Margot Robbie ditched the robe in the seduction scene between her and Leo to stay true to her role. She confessed that she was uncomfortable while shooting the sex scene on the bed which was covered with money. The fake bills gave her many paper cuts on the back.

The movie was banned in 5 countries due to sexual content. Majority of the scenes in the film were improvised on the spot by the director or by the actors.

Jonah Hill wore a prosthetic pe**s when he first saw Naomi at the party. The scene in which Jordan took the most dangerous drugs took 70 takes because the ham was not sticking to his face. They finally used some jelly to hold the meat on his face.

The cocaine scenes which were performed by the cast of the movie were done by crushing Vitamin B tablets. Jonah Hill was even hospitalised for snorting too much Vitamin B tablets while shooting the scenes.

Leonardo Di Caprio was given $25 Million for his role which was the quarter budget of the film. He also became the highest paid actor of the year 2013. When FBI agents interviewed Jordan Belfort (Leo) in the movie on his private yacht, he gives them a list of his wedding guests. But in real, it was the list of all the crew members.

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The real life Jordan Belfort coached reel life Jordan about his behaviour and the various ways he reacts to a particular situation. He even taught Leo how to abuse in his style. He also made a brief appearance in the film to introduce his counterpart, Leonardo DiCaprio in the end.

The scene where Leo kissed Aunt Emma (Joanna Lumley) took a record of 27 takes because Leo was nervous. Martin Scorcese said that there were a lot of real stockbrokers on the set and some of them also worked in real Stratton Oakmont. ANd The advertising scene of Stratton Oakmont at the start of the movie was original.

Olivia Wilde also auditioned for the role of Leo’s wife, but she was considered too old to play Leo’s wife, though Leo is ten years older than her in real life. In one scene, Margot Robbie (Naomi) slapped Leo much harder than she was told too. She even got carried away and said f–k you.

During the shooting of goldfish swallowing scene, Jonah Hill was ready to swallow the real goldfish, but he was not allowed due to rules. So to bypass the rules they called three goldfish handlers who allowed him to take the fish into his mouth for two-three seconds and then take it out and put the fish back into the water. He agreed to take $60,000 for a seven-month long movie because he badly wanted to work with Martin.

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Matthew’s scenes were shot during the second week of filming. The chest beating and humming scene were added in the movie. It is a ritual which Matthew performs before shooting any scene. The director of the film was not convinced with the scene, but Leo asked him, and the rest is history. Mark Hanna, which is played by Matthew McConaughey, is a real stockbroker who went to prison for doing fraud.

The director of the movie admitted that some of the editing in the film were intentionally flawed. The film grossed $392 million worldwide making it the highest grossing movie of Martin’s career.

Leo and Brad Pitt competed in a bidding war to get the rights to Jordan Belfort’s memoir.Kenneth Choi gained nearly 25 pounds for the portrayal of Chester Ming.

Jon Bernthal punched Hill for real in their fight scene. He punched him so hard that Hill’s prosthetic teeth fell out of his mouth. The famous dance scene of the movie which was done by Leo was not scripted. He did it on his own.

The scene in which Leo tried to open the door of his Lamborghini Countach with his legs was improvised, and he did it with perfection and that also in one take. The word f**k was used 569 times in the movie, making this the most used word in any mainstream movie.

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The real life wolf of wall street was sentenced to four years in jail. He served 22 months from it at the Taft Correctional Institution, California. Jordan Belfort shared the cell with Tommy Chong, a Canadian-American actor and writer. He encouraged him to write the book, The Wolf of Wall Street. Jordan credits Chong for changing his life.

Leonardo DiCaprio said that he and Martin Scorcese with the cast of the movie were able to push their limits and make the film a super hit. They edited the sex scenes in the movie so that it does not get vulgar also The Wolf of Wall Street is the third consecutive Jonah Hill movie which had Street in the title. The first one was 21 Jump Street and the second one was 22 Jump Street.

The Wolf of Wall Street has some similarities with Leo’s Catch Me If You Can movie. Both of them are autobiographies of men who did fraud and later cooperated with FBI. Martin Scorcese made a cameo in the movie. He gave the voice of John, the first client to whom Jordan sells penny stocks