The most notorious side eye ever captured

This photo that rocked the world is one of the most well known shots of the creation of a frenemy that Hollywood has ever birthed. With Sophia Loren’s head perched directly next to Jayne Mansfield’s hefty chest, it looks like Mansfield crashed a party that Loren didn’t even know was happening.

In actuality this shot was snapped at a Paramount party in Beverly Hills that was meant to celebrate Loren landing stateside in 1957. While seated next to Clifton Webb, Loren was bombarded with Mansfield’s assets as they spilled across the table.

It’s most likely that this photo was a publicity stunt for Mansfield, but Loren got quite a bit out of the shot as well. Afterwards, Loren admits that she wasn’t able to take her eyes off of Mansfield, and even though she’s often asked to autograph prints of the photo she always declines.

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