The man who ate a Big mac every day for 40 years

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bigmacA few years ago, McDonald’s honored Don Gorske, a 57-year-old former prison guard from Wisconsin, for consuming his 25,000th Big Mac. He says he still remembers tasting his first double-patty triple-stack slathered in special sauce: On May 17, 1972, when he consumed nine of them for lunch and dinner. That first month, he averaged about 8.5 Big Macs a day. Thirty years later, in 2003, he averaged a little over two. "I plan on eating Big Macs until I die," Gorske says. "I have no intentions of changing. It’s still my favorite food. Nothing has changed in 39 years. I look forward to it every day." Inexplicably, Gorske is a trim man, which he attributes to walking regularly. His doctors have even given him a clean bill of health.


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