The Longest Recreation

2020 09 11 the longest game

Chess contains a few guidelines supposed to maintain a recreation from working on without end. Particularly, a recreation is a draw (a) if the identical place happens 5 occasions or (b) if every participant makes a sequence of 75 strikes with out a seize or a pawn transfer. (The extra acquainted “threefold repetition” and “50-move” guidelines describe circumstances by which a participant can declare a draw however isn’t obliged to.)

At this 12 months’s SIGBOVIK, the tongue-in-cheek scientific convention named after fictional student Harry C. Bovik, Carnegie Mellon’s Tom Murphy VII presented a legal game that fastidiously skirts these guidelines to run on so long as potential — 17,697 half-moves, sufficient to fill 6 pages of the convention proceedings even in small sort.

“It can be downloaded at Many chess applications fail to load the entire recreation, however it’s because they determined to not implement the total glory of chess.”

(Tom Murphy VII, “Is This the Longest Chess Game?”, SIGBOVIK 2020, Carnegie Mellon College, April 1, 2020.) (Thanks, Noëlle.)

09/29/2020 UPDATE: Reader Alexander Bolton has arrange a Longest Chess Game Bot on Twitter that’s enjoying by means of this recreation, tweeting out a picture of the place after each halfmove. “It tweets each 4 hours so it ought to be completed in simply over 8 years!”

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