The largest reduction rate “googol visualizer”

googol machine
googol machine

Look at this simple machine. It’s only gears. 101 of them connected such that the first gear needs to turn ten times to make the second gear turn once.

And so on…

However, do you know how many times it requires the first gear spin to make the final gear rotate once? A googol times. That’s 1 with hundred zeros after it.

This is what googol looks like when you write it out.


(Googol is what inspired the name for the biggest search engine Google.)

It is the largest reduction rate. Another name for this machine is “googol visualizer.”

To comprehend how big googol is, think about the number of atoms in the entire universe. A googol is bigger than the total number of atoms estimated to exist in the universe, which is 10 to the 87th power. A googol is 10 to the 100th power. In other words, it takes the first gear of this contraption more spins than there are atoms in the universe to make the final gear do a complete rotation.

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This thing is mathematically hard to believe but indeed real.