The Historical past Of The Getaway Automobile And The place It Began

1900s | April 10, 2021

1912 Stanley steam automobile. (Stephen Foskett/Wikimedia Commons)

Earlier than the appearance of the auto, financial institution robbers, rustlers, and no-goodniks of all stripes fled the scenes of their crimes on horseback, however as automobiles turned more affordable and readily available within the twentieth century, the getaway automobile turned a must have accent for the criminally employed. It is believed that the time period entered the cultural lexicon in 1901, however determining who used the primary getaway automobile and what crime they had been committing is simpler stated than finished.

The First Getaway Automobile

The primary use of the phrase “getaway automobile” dates again to a theft in Paris that passed off on October 26, 1901, however there is not any supply for the declare, so it is exhausting to pinpoint its precise inception. It is even tougher to trace down the primary time such a car was used. If we’re counting small potatoes incidents and never precise heists, it is potential the primary getaway automobile was used within the 1860s, when Francis Curtis used his Curtis Steamer to drive away from a police officer following a noise criticism.

In 1866, Curtis invented a steam engine that was meant for use in firefighting, holding a 20-gallon water tank and 80-lb. coal field. Its five-horsepower engine might attain speeds of as much as a whopping 25 miles per hour, and it was extremely loud, so it definitely wasn’t the stealthiest getaway. In actual fact, its noise was the rationale the getaway was essential. His neighbors filed noise complaints about Curtis testing his steam engine, however when the police arrived, Curtis simply drove away.

De Dion’s steam tricycle. (Unknown writer/Wikimedia Commons)

The Getaway Automobile’s Heyday

By the twentieth century, steam-powered automobiles had been available. They may not be what we consider as the proper trip for escaping police custody, however officers nonetheless largely patrolled on foot, so even these historic beasts that topped out at 30 miles per hour had been nonetheless a superb choice.

They had been additionally headline information. On August 29, 1909, the Wealthy Hill Tribune reported that a group of “Financial institution Robbers in Motor Automobile” used this new expertise to make off with $7,000 from the financial institution of Santa Clara by hopping in a “employed vehicle” to evade arrest. They made it about seven miles earlier than they had been caught by a posse of civilians who additionally drove automobiles.

It was France’s Bonnot gang, nonetheless, who actually put getaway automobiles on the map. The group was part of the Illegalists, a gaggle of anarchists who believed crime was the easiest way to deliver down capitalism. On December 21, 1911, the gang made off with 5,126 francs and an unknown quantity of securities deposits from the Société Générale Financial institution earlier than fleeing in a limousine that had been stolen per week prior. A couple of months later, the group stole a De Dion-Bouton 4 cylinder to hold out a raid on a financial institution in Chantilly.

Bonnie and Clyde with their getaway automobile, c. 1932–34. (Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons)

Getaway Vehicles At this time

Cars might have modified drastically because the starting of the twentieth century, however little has modified concerning the getaway automobile because the Bonnot gang drafted its blueprint. Most of the time, they’re stolen from an space that is far sufficient away that it could’t be linked to the individual or individuals utilizing it after which ditched in a equally distant location. Even the crimes themselves have modified little: One or two folks run into a bank and demand cash whereas a driver waits to hurry away. The one distinction between getaway automobiles of at this time and the early 1900s is that an Edwardian-era getaway automobile could not outrun your grandma on even its greatest day.

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