The father of three became the hottest man around

We live in the world where everything is available to us. You want a big pizza with 40 chicken wings? No problem. Order it for 45 minutes in your home. Do not you want to go shopping for food? It’s okay, some will do it instead of you. Hates you walking a dog? And that’s fine, there are people who will do it for you. This kind of lifestyle, though quite handsome, makes people feel jerky. So it’s not surprising that more and more people are obnoxious. This father noticed that his weight reflected his health and he decided to do something about it.

Achieving his weight loss transformation in just 152 day
A father-of-three lost almost half his body weight

While hiking with her boyfriend, she noticed something she was not happy about. He realized that his health was disturbed. With nearly 130 kg, he was not able to enjoy life. He lost his breath and often had to make a break while hiking with the children. He was so ill that he did not enjoy mountaineering at all

“Instead of remembering the many memories I’ve been creating on a journey, one thing is over and over again in my head. I lost my breath and I had to break the gap more often than my 9, 7 and 6 year olds,” says Jeremiah. His thoughts were constantly rolling over his head

Then he decided to turn to a healthy life and the results were phenomenal! But that was not an easy task. Jeremiah choked for 45 minutes before and after work, and every day he worked hard weight training without a day’s rest!

Now that he has changed his body, he wants to inspire others to also make a change in their lives!

Starting with its 14,500 followers on Instagram. Jeremiah regularly gives advice to people who need motivation to start and take control of life.
For only 152 days, Jeremiah has completely changed his life.

He lost 40 kilograms incredible! When they asked him how, he said “Every day I was doing homework”. He surely has the wisdom that he should share with others

“Every day we do not live full of lungs is a waste of the precious time given to us,” says Jeremiah. Jeremiah’s change is really impressive. He knew he had to change his life because of his health and he did it. Now it is possible to run the mountain races without standing.

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