The celebrity chef who stole onions, while buying champagne

Though famous chefs probably don’t earn the same money as kings and presidents, the fact that they own restaurants that charge a week’s wage for a chicken coated in tiger eyes would indicate that they’re not exactly the kind of people who hurt for money, which makes the case of Antony Worrall Thompson all the more depressing.

The famed British chef was arrested in 2012 for stealing cheese, coleslaw, and onions (among other items). After the case gained steam Thompson broke down and confessed to crying himself to sleep at night as well as stealing trivial items while at the same time buying hundreds of pounds worth of champagne. So if you thought rich people had it easy, just remember that somewhere out there a rich guy is crying himself to sleep because he can’t stop stealing onions. Then again, he’s doing that crying in a bedroom bigger than most of our houses, so he can suck it up.