The Bob Newhart Show — Death by Zucchini

Dr. Bob Hartley had several regular patients in his “group” encompassing – Mr. Peterson the Milquetoast cashed, Mrs. Bakerman the old supermarket cashier who always seemed to be knitting, Michelle the daddy’s daughter slightly overweight and Mr. Carlin’s name it -névrose-and-l’a he-man. Although it was known that Mr. Carlin occasionally criticized members of the group, he was not as bad as Mr. Gianelli, who had serious anger management issues. In the episode “The death of a fruit tree”, Dr. Hartley’s group organized a surprise party for his favorite therapist, who will be celebrating his four years together. As patients begin reciting a special poem in tribute to Bob, the receptionist Carol learns that Mr. Gianelli, a fruit and vegetable wholesaler, was crushed earlier in the day when a truckload of zucchini fell on him.

Mr. Peterson: You all helped us in every way.
Mr. Carlin: You have it in your head.
Michelle: And that’s why we would like to say …
Carol (entering the office): Mr. Gianelli is dead!
Ms. Bakerman: Well, it rhymes.

Noam Pitlik, who plays the role of Mr. Gianelli, decided to leave the series to focus on the production and realization of another sitcom, Barney Miller.