The biggest mind blow ever

mind blow
mind blow
  1. Sleep could be a free trial for death and the dreams are ads
  2. It’s literally impossible to take a photo of the front of a mirror without the camera appearing in it.
  3. If atoms are neither created nor destroyed then we all are billions of years old it’s just that the arrangement of atoms we are put together in are our age.
  4. Accents are like fonts for your voice
  5. Only introverts could hate themselves for going to a social event and hate themselves for not going to a social event.
  6. Good looking people with terrible personalities are real life click baits
  7. How amazing would it be to combine a treadmill and virtual reality, so you could go on a morning jog through another world
  8. A snowman is a body of water.
  9. Nobody’s ancestor has ever died childless.
  10. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii looks like a bunch of people waiting in line to shake someones hand.
  11. There should be a VR game where you can program in your biggest regrets and replay them in the way you’ve always wanted.
  12. Driving is just the loading screen for whatever you are gonna do
  13. Its mind boggling how fast we are capable of waking up once we realize we overslept
  14. In horror movies, it must be really awkward when a ghost kills someone, and suddenly they’re both ghosts and have to deal with each other.
  15. Up until the invention of the camera, no one had ever seen themselves with their eyes closed.
  16. Your tongue has been in your mouth longer than your teeth have.
  17. Aliens on a planet 65 million light years away with powerful telescopes could see Dinosaurs walking on Earth
  18. It is impossible to dig only half a hole
  19. Fisherman are like aliens to fish. They move across the sky in mysterious ships and abduct fish through a mechanism that lifts fish up into the sky.
  20. 2020 sounds so futuristic… yet it’s less than 3 years away
  21. In a mirror, you can only kiss yourself on the lips
  22. The leaning tower of Pisa is a regular building just in italics
  23. The backwards of Neil Armstrong is Gnorts Mr Alien
  24. $0.99 seems like such a small sum of money except when downloading an app
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