The Biggest Cheapskate People Know


cheapskate : A stingey person. Somebody who buys cheap in favour of higher quality or better stuff. Even though they might be able to afford the better.

Always Try For The Best Deal

“I worked at a Sears that went out of business. On the final day, everything in the store was 95% off. We were selling a brand new weed-wacker for $8.

A guy came in and tried to get a manager to sell it to him for $5.”


The Richest Are the Cheapest

“My aunt is a freaking multi-millionaire who owns apartment buildings in Menlo Park, CA. She is a notorious cheapskate. Just two days ago she gave my daughter a used sippy cup complete with teeth marks (that she had undoubtedly picked up at a garage sale or thrift store) as a 1st birthday present.

In the trash, it went.”

He Had Ulterior Motives For Inviting Them

“This guy invites people out to go four wheeling with him and takes his motorhome along to the campground. Some people sleep in the motorhome, some in tents (brought their own four-wheelers). At the end of the weekend, he presents everyone with bills for staying at the campsite which, when totaled, has him making money on the weekend.

He got offended when the next time he invited people out, they made their own arrangements.”

She however wants nothing further to do with her boring cheapskate of a husband.

If not, will it not be rather cheapskate?

Cheapest Person In The World

“My evil stepmother owns a restaurant and attached convenience store. I will give a few examples of her cheapness.

If she eats breakfast at a restaurant with my dad, she will steal all of the little jams and jellies that she can get.

Also sugar packets. These get tossed in her purse and used at her restaurant.

I have seen her eat leftovers from her customer’s plates when she is clearing the tables.

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She has charged more for soft drinks if they are taken from the restaurant.

This is because she loses the deposit ($0.10).

She is diabetic. Usually, when you get a new blood glucose meter, it is free because you have to buy the strips. She found out that the glucometer comes with ten free lancets to poke your finger for the blood sample. She tried to get another glucometer just to get more free lancets. If you buy the lancets, they are about $10 for 100.

She is originally from another country and still has family there. A couple of times a year, she sends a box of stuff over for her family. She always sends clothing over. This is clothing that she has worn, but she leaves the price tags on so that her sisters think she is sending new clothes. Her last box wasn’t quite full enough, so she took the half-empty bags of cereal from the restaurant (Think corn flakes and Rice Krispies) that will definitely be stale when they arrive.

When my son was little, he accidentally left his wallet in my dad’s car. She was the only person who could have had access. When he got the wallet back, it was empty. It had his name written on the wallet in marker, so it’s not like she didn’t know it was her step-grandson’s.

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She got access to my gasoline rewards card. Basically, you get points for every liter of fuel and can redeem them for convenience store items. She used up about $500 worth of points on stuff for her own store. She didn’t tell me that she had done it. Next time I used the card and saw it was cleaned out, I asked the gas station staff what had happened. I was told that she told them it was okay with me and no problem at all.

While my sister was growing up with this step monster, she had a leather jacket she wanted to sell. Step monster wanted to give it to her sister. A deal was negotiated for $50. Step monster never paid and sister got my dad involved. Step monster claimed the deal was for $5 and my dad got mad at my sister for lying, so step monster never had to pay a penny.

Multiply all of the above for the last 27 years and you have a real contender for the cheapest person in North America.”