The best way to Troll Online Slacktivists

The enemy have just launched their missiles against us! Private, implement emergency response protocols immediately! Already done sir! I have set up a protest group on facebook and created a support hashtag on twitter! And next week, we will be blacking out the website and also our avatars. AGENT-X COMICS WwW.AGENT-X.COM.AU cartoon text comics technology human behavior fiction

The Facebook cartoon account picture fad did a lot more to raise awareness of how commonplace slacktivism is than the item did to prevent child maltreatment. It seems like if a meme can make people feel good about them selves, without actually having to whatever it takes of substance, it will propagate.

Why anyone would believe an empty gesture like varying your profile picture could whatever it takes meaningful about a serious problem like child abuse will be mind boggling, but luckily there is no shortage of trolls on the net to make fun of this. Listed below are 5 of the best trolling efforts on this absurd fad:

1. Little Bros

just WIS someO could help me yo hold on im making my default a pic of spongebob hope it helps!

2. 1337 Javascript Hax

EDITION: U.S.「-TNTERNATIONAL -T MEXICO CANU.S. Set edition preference Home Video NewsPulse U.S World Politics Justice Entertainment Tech Health Facebook Cartoon Character Campaign Brings Child Abuse to an End. From Jessica Naziri, CNN December 3, 2010 9:14 p.m. EST Leon J Baskins and 618 other friends changed their profile pictures. QUIC DRA 45 minutes ago Lucy Laffer We did it guys! Child Abuse is over! 4 hours ago via iPhone . Like . Comment View all 4 rnmments A sampling of images that have somehow completely cured the world of child abuse Palo Alto (CNN)--Authorities around the globe were stunned early abuse anywhere in the world. story highlights chid abuse no longer exists. saturday morning by a sudden inexplicable absence of child abusers say wilr. many have never heard kids said social worker diane stringer really mean ones facebook . she-ra garfield both claim credit. phenomena was quickly traced to campaign on internet site facebook. for past few days users been changing profile images pictures cartoon characters in an effort stop abuse. related topics slacktivism clearly this has completely successful. it is unsure if effects will continue after are removed. web page text src=””>

Pop this with your address bar to make your:
javascript:document.body.contentEditable=”true”; document.designMode=”on”; void 0

3. Ahh! Pedophiles!

IF YOU HAVE A CARTOON AS YOUR PROFILE PICTURE, REMOVE IT. A group of pedophiles made it up. They're doing it because kids will accept their friend requests faster if they see a cartoon picture. It has nothing to do with supporting child violence. It was on a TV show that warns you about internet frauds, plus tonight's news. SET THIS AS YOUR STATUS TO WARN OTHERS 17 minutes ago-Like Comment Share Posadas text blue font line
People actually fell for this.

4. Obligatory Family Gentleman Reference

h BcApparently we are suppose to change our facebook profile pic to a cartoon character to end child abuse. am I doing it right?? HERBERT HERBERT 20 seconds ago Like Comment Share View Photos of Me (406) View Videos of Me (13) Edit My Profile Herbert Font text technology
Uploaded by KYM Specialist BC the designer

5. Childhood Ruining

Skeletor He-Man Cartoon cartoon anime fictional character fiction
Oh, that’s just wrong. (via Reddit)

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