The Australian military waged a warfare in opposition to emus and misplaced it

Australia is the one nation to have gone to warfare with a chicken and misplaced. The truth is, I am fairly positive it’s the solely nation to have gone to warfare with a chicken in any respect.

After the top of the first world warfare, the homecoming Australian warfare veterans got plots of land below the soldier settlement scheme primarily to domesticate wheat.

Issues weren’t simple for the ex troopers as a result of cultivating the land with no expertise wasn’t a simple job , not to mention in a space the place land is barely usable. The veterans had been additional below strain when the Nice melancholy of 1929 brought about wheat costs to stoop.

Throughout the identical time, Emus- giant flightless birds which are indigenous to Australia migrated from the coast to inside locations for breeding and looking for meals. Round 20,000 emus finalised Campion, a farmland in western Australia as their alternative. The emus destroyed the farms and broken the fences, which allowed rabbits to get via and trigger additional injury (This led to the development of the 1833km ‘rabbit proof fence’ – the biggest unbroken fence on the planet).

Lastly the ex troopers devised a plan to remove the menace by partnering with the ministry of defence. On 2nd November 1932, Main G.P.W.Meredith led two regiments of the Australian military with Lewis machine weapons to battle the emus. When the military fired on the birds, they break up themselves into small teams and ran so quick and had been very tough to focus on. On the finish of the day the military succeeded in killing solely a few dozen birds. The military continued their assault for about 6 days. Lastly on the finish of the warfare, after firing round 10000 rounds of bullets, the emu casualties was simply 500. Luckily the navy did not undergo any causality by the hands of the emus 😛

Following the humiliating destructive protection of the warfare within the media, the federal government withdrew the navy personnel and the weapons.

Main Meredith commented on how nicely the emus did, even after they had been badly wounded.

If we had a navy division with the bullet carrying capability of those birds it could face any military on the planet. They’ll face machine weapons with the invulnerability of tanks. They had been like Zulus whom even dum-dum bullets could not cease

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