The 14 Strangest Issues Your Household Can Do With Your Cremated Stays

A tattoo on the bodies of loved ones.

Cremation was lately deemed the “hottest factor” within the funeral trade, in keeping with individuals who dictate such issues. A part of the rationale for folks to forgo conventional burial is the associated fee (although Walmart can help you with that). Another excuse folks flip to cremation is the inherent flexibility and personalization it brings. Some choose their ashes to be saved above the fireside of the home they grew up in. Others need to be scattered into their favourite lake.

These eccentric concepts take cremated ashes and made them into one thing…totally different.

1. A tattoo on the our bodies of family members.


A lot has been written about private tattoo artists who will fuse your deceased cherished one along with your pores and skin by mixing the ashes into the ink.

2. A frisbee.

A frisbee.


The person behind the success of the plastic disc had his ashes made into memorial frisbees for his household and buddies.

3. A terrifying memorial of your head.

A terrifying memorial of your head.


An organization referred to as ‘Cremation Options’ has a wide array of urns, none as placing because the ‘Private Urns’ which flip love one’s ashes into creepy 3d busts of their very own heads.

4. Stained glass.

Stained glass.


There’s a firm referred to as Ceaselessly Shut Memorials that may flip your family members ashes into stunning home windows and different stained glass items.

5. Blown glass.

Blown glass.


New Hampshire based mostly Artwork from Ashes solely wants a small quantity of ash to create stunning items of blown glass remembrances.

6. Have your ashes dropped onto land from an airplane.

Have your ashes dropped onto land from an airplane.


Wentzel Flying Service has scattered the ashes of over 15,000 family members since 1938 from above the clouds in locations as diversified because the Grand Canyon and even The Ganges River.

7. A balloon.

A balloon.


Everlasting ascent will put stays in a helium balloon and permit it to drift 5 miles into the air earlier than exploding within the environment.

8. A tree.

A tree.


Memorial Tree Urn lets you select from 32 totally different seeds that your ashes will nourish right into a tree.

9. Wine.



Maynard James Keenan, the frontman for the band Instrument, scattered the ashes of his mom in his personal winery and used these grapes to create a particular wine named in her honor.

10. A teddy bear.

A teddy bear.


The Huggables Assortment offers the cuddliest memorials of all of them.

11. Immortalization within the ink of a comic book e-book.

Immortalization in the ink of a comic book.


Mark Gruenwald was a well-known author and editor for Marvel comedian books. He cherished comedian books a lot, his dying want was to have his physique cremated and changed into ink so that they he might be eternally be a part of the tales he loves. His ashes have been inked into a problem of Squadron Supreme.

12. House particles.

Space debris.


An organization referred to as Celestis will shoot your ashes into house.

13. A part of a coral reef.

Part of a coral reef.


A company referred to as Everlasting Reef is devoted to rebuilding the coral reefs. They will combine your family members ashes into the cement that holds the reefs down.

14. Fireworks.


Angel Flights will shoot your stays and bathe them upon the earth in a blaze of glory.

Cremation can enable your last ceremony to signify the life you as soon as lived. That is why I’m pretty sure I’m going to place my ashes in a bunch of hacky sacks and have everybody kick it round to a Grateful Useless music.

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