That’s a deadly little kitty right there

What? No. That’s a tiger and they’re not even close, with an abysmal hunting success rate of about 5%. The actual deadliest cat in the world is…

The dread black-footed cat.jpg

This fearsome beast. The dread black-footed cat, who boasts a terrifying 60% success rate, beating out cheetahs (58%), leopards (38%), domestic cats (32%) and even lions (25%, king of the jungle my arse).

The Champawat Tiger still holds the record for most humans killed by a single animal.

The notorious Champawat Tiger (or tigress, as it were) began her reign of terror in Nepal around 1903. This particular female Bengal tiger had already killed an estimated 200 people by the time she was driven over the border by the Nepalese army. She then continued her bloody spree in India, terrorizing villages and killing another 234 people.

Back when tigers were still feared killers, tiger hunters actually saved hundreds of lives. In turn-of-the-century India, there was one man the authorities knew could take on the deadly tigress: Colonel James Corbett. Corbett was a Brit “of Irish descent” who operated in colonial India and had made a name for himself as a hunter of man-eating beasts.

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