That is essentially the most expansive and correct girl-to man translation technique

Quote #1:” I really like you want a brother.”

Translation: Having intercourse with you is as interesting to me as incest.

 Quote Quantity 2:I actually such as you as a pal.”

Translation: I’d reasonably get impaled by a narwhal than have sexual intercourse with you.

Quote Quantity 3: “Being in a relationship would spoil our friendship.”

Translation:  Being stabbed by a knife and being stabbed by your penis would result in related outcomes, me in tears.

Quote Quantity 4: “You’re too good so far.”

Translation: Develop some balls, bitch.

Quote Quantity 5: “You’re so nice. I’m glad somebody listens to my issues.”

Translation: You realize what else at all times listens to my issues? My cat. It has no life both.

Quote Quantity 6: “I really like you…”

Translation: Like a teddy bear. And no, I received’t have intercourse with you. I’m not a furry.

Quote Quantity 7:  “My boyfriend is such an asshole. Let me inform you about him.”

Translation: Hey, you sort of remind me of Dr. Phil. It’s in all probability the baldness.

Quote Quantity 8:  “You’re so candy.”

Translation: Cotton sweet is nice too and I’m positive as hell not courting that.

Quote Quantity 9: “Do you wish to go to the flicks?”

Translation: Nobody is paying for me to see Twilight.

Quote Quantity 10:  “I’m simply not prepared for a boyfriend.”

Translation: Don’t take rejection too arduous. We will nonetheless watch horrible romantic comedies collectively.

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