That Ended Differently Than They Wanted (gifs)

Ended Oddly: She Changed Drastically

At least they lived, right?

Ended Oddly: Face Slap

Working out is dumb.

Ended Oddly: Almost Had It

Defeating yourself will stop others from doing it.

Ended Oddly: Plane Hit

That’s why you don’t stand in runways.

Ended Oddly: Almost Had It…

She’ll feel that later.

Ended Oddly: In The Balls


Ended Oddly: Mirrors Are Hard

He just wanted a friend…

Ended Oddly: Bad Pitch

At least she’s adorable.

Ended Oddly: Biking In Mud Is Bad


Ended Oddly: Should Have Turned More

Right. On. The. Face.

Ended Oddly: No Relaxing Today

Sorry, bro. You don’t get to relax.

Ended Oddly: NOPE

Nightmare time!

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