Terrible Tweets from the Pope

  1. @KimKardashian x-rayed her butt? @Snooki, you’re next! #realitytvfan #ilikebigbutts #icannotlie
  2. Just walked into a bar with a rabbi. Blew the bartender’s mind.
  3. Sometimes when I’m alone in my basilica, I wear sweatpants and dance to big band music.
  4. God has spoken to me. The NFL lockout is a sin.
  5. I just had the perfect pastry. It was an immaculate confection. #LOLLERZ
  6. Watching "The Exorcist", pretending it’s "for work."
  7. Accidentally gave myself a dutch oven while driving Popemobile in St. Peter’s square. #testingmyfaith
  8. @aplusk – Please, please, please fill me in on the new season of 2.5 men. The Lord refuses to bestow spoilers.
  9. Archbishop Caffarra just gave my red Prada loafer a flat tire. EXCOMMUNICATED, BIATCH!
  10. @DalaiLama – Who’s your barber? Ha ha, j/k
  11. Just watched the Latin Grammys. Was not at all what I thought it would be… – Sara Christian Antill
  12. Just agreed to voice Popemobile for Cars 3. Pax vobiscum, Pixar. – Stephen Buell
  13. Just called the Russian ambassador "Butthead" in Latin and he still kissed the ring. I love this job! – @Chippj
  14. No SBux in the Vatican. More like Vatican’t! – Will Choy
  15. You guys, the cape IS as much fun as you think. The superhero impressions never get old. #iambatman
  16. No one tell me about last night’s episode of "Franklin And Bash", I DVRed it. – Joey Hough
  17. Anyone heard about this "planking" thing? #totallygonnatrythis – Lukasz Kaniowski
  18. How do I post pictures? Need to settle a bet with Anthony Weiner. – Aaron Hardy
  19. Heads up: Offering free absolution for every #FF. Praise God [email protected]
  20. Finally using the fireplace, don’t know why everyone’s freaking out. – Ben Holt