Ten Little Known Facts About Paris Hilton

  1. Contrary to popular belief, Paris was not named after Paris, France, but after Paris, Texas.
  2. Paris is so conceited and so egotistical that she recently called up Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris, and told her that she would pay her $16,000 to change her first name.
  3. Miss Hilton, the nation’s top celebutante, once stated "New Mexico, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New York…what in the world is so new about those five states anyway?"
  4. Several years ago Paris dated Andy Dick, but broke up with him after he told her that he wanted to give her a hickey on one of her tonsils.
  5. Up until now, no one but her parents and sister Nicky, knew that Paris’s nickname is Flamingo.
  6. Three sayings that Paris uses on a daily basis are (1) I’m hot, (2) Go buy a bag of ice and chill, and (3) Here’s a straw – now suck it up.
  7. Paris once went into a pet shop in West Hollywood and told the sales clerk she wanted to buy a pet peeve.
  8. When it comes to geography, Paris is just as bad, if not worse than Sarah "Snowflake" Palin. Paris actually has said that South Korea is on top of North Korea.
  9. Nicole Richie, one of Hilton’s closest friends, says that Paris wanted to appear in Playboy Magazine but was turned down due to the fact that her (BLANK) is quite unusual looking.
  10. Louisiana comedian Zydeco Dupree recently said about the somewhat naive Paris, "Folks, let me put it this way. The blonde diva ain’t exactly the smartest flea on the cat."