Teen Wins Month in Hotel With Russian Pornstar Ekaterina Makarova

Ekatarina Makarova

Russia is more free than America will ever be. 6-year-old Ruslan Schedrin was recently the 100,000th visitor to a website that sells virtual arms for computer games. His great timing has awarded his one month in a hotel room with Ekaterina Makarova, an X-rated film star.

Of course, the mother would know how old her own son is, but they’ll probably use this as an excuse to back out of the arrangement if this gets too much negative publicity. Mom, if your son is playing CS:GO so much that he needs to go to an affiliated website to stock up on ammo, his studies are already being affected. The flip side to all this is getting him away from his keyboard for a month would hopefully show him there’s a lot more to life than just playing games all day (fresh air, sunshine, girls). At best perhaps after being with a porn star he might learn a few things that he can use to impress his future girlfriends.

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