“YOU ARE TEARING ME APART, LISA!” : Worst line in a movie ever

An iconic line from the 2003 movie “The room”. Tommy Wiseau not only directs but also acts in the movie as the main character.

The movie is about Johnny, a man with a seemingly perfect life, his job is going well and he’s going to be married to the woman he loves soon, Lisa. He doesn’t know that his best friend, Mark, is in an affair with Lisa.

The movie has been called the worst movie of all time, the acting is terrible and almost alien, the writing is too, with much of the dialogue not making sense. It’s just…such an interesting spectacle. It’s low budget and badly executed, yet it has a pretty strong following. People enjoy it ironically and it brings them joy to be in this community of sharing bad lines with each other and throwing spoons at the screen (yes, that is a thing).
This line is more well-known because of the strange and forced drama it adds to the scene and especially the delivery of Wiseau. There are many more where that came from, but I think this is what stayed in most people’s memories. Some other lines from it are:

“Mark: How was work today?

Johnny: Oh, pretty good. We got a new client and the bank will make a lot of money.

Mark: What client?

Johnny: I cannot tell you; it’s confidential.

Mark: Aw, come on. Why not?

Johnny: No, I can’t. Anyway, how is your sex life?”

“Johnny: I kill you, you bastard!

Mark: You couldn’t kill me if you tried.

Johnny: You betrayed me! You’re not good. You, you’re just a chicken. Chip-chip-chip-chip-cheep-cheep.”

“Lisa: Did you get your promotion?

Johnny: Nah.


Lisa: You didn’t get it, did you?”

Just. what.

This movie is so intriguing that it has a book written about it called “The disaster artist”, it is about the making of “The room”. A movie based on the book is coming out this year! The trailer was released yesterday. It is truly the king of trash films.

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Here is the full scene, enjoy.