Take a break from work and see this outside the window……

Take a break from work and see this outside the window......

Take a break from work and see this outside the window……

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40 thoughts on “Take a break from work and see this outside the window……

  1. subtlysublime says:

    i suspect fowl play

  2. Neotokyo199X says:

    As time goes by that’s just gonna get more and more intense to look at.

  3. He was like a father to me 🙁

  4. wobblewiz says:

    Goodbye cruel world…

  5. Was it already dead at this point?

  6. Executed by the bird state for bird crimes

  7. carnivorous-Vagina says:

    Is he ok?

  8. badtouchmacdirt says:

    Get back to work

  9. RosieCakeness says:

    Our ted tailed hawks do this to their caught prey so they can come back and strip the animal later.

    Nothing says ick like looking out in the early morning to see a squirrel spine/guts staring at you.

  10. Mahleezah says:

    Those “Hang In There, Friday’s Coming” posters from the 70s have taken a dark turn.

  11. CallMeDrLuv says:

    Po’s father is cooking noodles up in heaven now

  12. WeinerMan0 says:

    Fuck…. Even the animals are suicidal. What did we do to this world?

  13. eye-corona says:

    This bird must work at my company

  14. TheeGooDollyPartons says:

    Eww, gross Dee. She’s actually thought about it…

    Oh that’s sad.

  15. NoPantsDeLeon says:

    Life is hard mate. Don’t judge!

  16. bigchillienergy says:

    Nature out here choking the chicken

  17. Moar_Wattz says:

    I can’t believe nobody already made a choking cock joke…

  18. insertoriginalname6 says:

    What a swinging guy

  19. No-Heron8569 says:

    He’s had enough.

  20. SandSnake21 says:

    Corner office in the jungle?

  21. DragonStormer25961 says:

    I’ll go tell his wife and kids…

  22. dj1200techniques says:

    That’s a weird fetish

  23. cryptkeeper89 says:

    Free dinner. Bonus!!!

  24. loloknight says:

    Y ya te me estabas pasando de veeeeeerdeeeeeeee

  25. Smoovemammajamma says:

    “You and me both, buddy” 🙁

  26. LumberJackButchQueen says:

    Is he going to be ok?

  27. That’s the definition of a bad day

  28. That’s the definition of a bad day

  29. shadowcat304 says:

    This drone is experiencing a malfunction

  30. Average-Slight says:

    Ah, gotta love mondays

  31. Butterycrank says:


  32. Gives a whole new meaning to choking the chicken!

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