When do women start getting more horny?

Recent research has shown that using the fMRI machine they can tell where in the brain various things like reading may actually occur in the brain. Using this incredible machine they had men and women masturbate in this type of machine and found some amazing things about male and female sexuality in the research accomplished at various projects around the world.

Males masturbating in the machine took about 6 minutes to achieve orgasm and ejaculation that lasted 6 seconds. The real shocker was that all this transpired in the animal brain below the human brain and attributed to every mammal on earth that is not human.

Females preforming similar activity in the fMRI machine showed that it required 11 minutes to achieve orgasm. It lasted 20 seconds, but it was determined that it was experienced in the entire brain including the human brain, especially the cerebrum not found in other mammals. There were women who lost control of their arms and legs during orgasm, because their brain was occupied by the orgasm.

Finally men were discovered that they were required to go through all four stages of orgasm before they could experience another orgasm. Some only required 10–15 minutes to resolve and prepare again for another orgasm. Yet some men are genetically unable to resolve for as long as 14–15 days. These are the men who orgasm and then fall asleep.

Women however were determined in this 1960’s research to be able to orgasm in some cases continuously, but if not then repeatedly and finally resolve after all these orgasms are accomplished. The 1950’s research of Kinsey, PhD shows that women are very infrequently have penis in vagina (PIV) sex, but rather from masturbation by herself or from a partner. 29% vs 54%.

The last thing that makes women the sexual champions in this world is that using the fMRI machine they showed some women could relax and focus on their sexual fantasies that are usually much more elaborate than anything a male might consider a sexual fantasy. Without touching their genitalia they were able to have an fMRI confirmed orgasm that was as intense as anything seen with masturbation. They are now teaching this technique to women who suffered a spinal injury, and have no communication with their genitalia.