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A Man was imprisoned for 28 YEARS after a woman dreamed that he raped her

One day in 1988, poor old Clarence was just enjoying his daily routine, when he was taken in by the police as a rape suspect.

A hospitalized woman claimed she had been brutally raped, by a black man.

More than a day after the assault, while in the hospital, the woman identified Clarence as her attacker, saying his face came to her in a dream.

Clarence Moses-EL was convicted in 1988 and sentenced to 48 years in prison for raping and assaulting a woman when she returned home from a night of drinking, despite NO FURTHER EVIDENCE other than her bruises and her dream.

Clarence had long claimed he was innocent.

But his efforts to appeal his conviction were unsuccessful, in part because Denver police threw away DNA evidence from the scene, according to reports.

Luckily, in December 2013, while serving his 48-year prison sentence, Clarence received a letter from another man, L.C Jackson.

In the letter Jackson said he couldn’t believe Clarence had been accused of raping the same woman Jackson “ had sex” with the very same night.

‘I really don’t know what to say to you, but let’s start by bringing what was done in the dark into the light,’ Jackson wrote, according to court documents. ‘I have a lot on my heart.’


This confession letter led to a court hearing in July, where Jackson testified that he lost his temper during sex with the woman and hit her in the face. He admitted to it all. Although it wasn’t necessarily a rape.

Clarence had already spent 28 years of his 48-year sentence in prison.

Imagine that…

An innocent man…

28 years he’ll never get back…

No! More Rape – Exclamation points kill! Exclamation points! Kill

Although I think it’s stupid for many reasons (for one, literally zero people will be saved from rape because of a damn sticker), the big one is that it is in a different font and size as the word “stop” above. So when I read it, my brain separates the two words that two separate statements.

In other words, I do not read as “Stop Rape. “As in” Let’s ban together to end to non-consensual sex Instead I read as a set of commands. “Stop. Rape. “As in” stamped everything you do and start raping people. ”

Regardless, again, I think put stickers like this is an act of some crappy edgelord who wants to pretend they are an activist without doing anything to actually help people.

Donald Trump sues writer for $5 billion calling him millionaire

In 2005, the New York Times reporter Tim O’Brien according to a book called “Trump Nation” that Donald Trump was worth at most $ 250 million when Trump and others said he was a billionaire. Trump sued the journalist for more than $ 5 billion.

A typically thunderous gesture skyscraper orange haired mogul and star of the US version of The Apprentice. But when brought before the lawyers to give testimony in the case and explain how he enjoyed his empire, he gave answers that would have an accountant blush.

In the 2007 deposition, made public before a hearing yesterday, Donald Trump said he uses “mental projections” to estimate the value of its properties, admitted exaggerating the success of its business ( “Who would not?”) and said his perception of his own “brand value” personal rises and falls with his mood. The result is that the real value of Mr. Trump is more mysterious than ever, at a time when he fights to save many real estate transactions of recession and has seen its Atlantic City casinos bankrupt company.

Mr. Trump said that anyone who claims that he is not a billionaire undermining his business, and that the allegations in TrumpNation, a book by New York Times reporter Timothy O’Brien, had cost him lucrative contracts through the world. Mr. O’Brien and his publishers were in a New Jersey court yesterday arguing that his trial is ridiculous, and ask a judge to dismiss the claims of the mogul for $ 5 billion in damages.

Mr. O’Brien wrote that Donald Trump was worth a quarter billion at best and perhaps not more than $ 150. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump said its banks and casino regulators Atlantic City as his companies worth $ 3.6 billion – and say any journalist who asked it was worth 6 billion $.

The difference, he explained, is that its “brand value” personal equivalent to about $ 2 billion. “There are those who say the brand value is very, very valuable,” he said at the depot, and added: “My net worth fluctuates, and it goes up and down with markets and with attitudes and feelings, even my own feelings “.

With lawyers preparing for yesterday’s hearing, Mr. Trump remained belligerent weekend. Talking to the Wall Street Journal, he promised that O’Brien “wish he had never heard of this goddam book.”

In the deposition, Donald Trump was confronted with the evidence, in public interviews, he had exaggerated his participation in some of the properties that bear his name. There are Trump brand skyscrapers, casinos, golf clubs and other businesses around the world, but many outside investors or bank loans underlying them. An assessment of Deutsche Bank, on concluding a loan for a property that Mr. Trump was worth $ 788m. He said Deutsche did not count all his possessions.

There was also a skirmish on the meaning of the word “average.” While he has publicly stated that development apartment was selling $ 1 300 per square foot on average, he admitted that “on some units, I averaged $ 300 1” – meaning that it was very likely more close to a better price than an average.

The developer asked if he ever exaggerated in statements about its properties. “I think everyone does. Who would not? ” he said. “Do you want that I say,” Oh, gee, the building is not going well, blah, blah, blah, come through the building. “-? Nobody talks that way who would never talk that way “

Multiple Personality Disorder: Billy Milligan had 24 personalities

William Stanley Milligan, known as Billy Milligan (1955-2014) was an American citizen with multiple personality disorders. Up to 24 distinct personalities lived inside him, fighting for supremacy over his body. His suffering came to light when he was arrested in Ohio in 1977, accused of kidnapping and raping three women. During the preparation of his defense, he underwent a psychological examination and psychologists discovered that Billy was suffering from multiple personality disorders.

In a landmark trial that followed, he was found not guilty of charges because of his insanity resulting from multiple personalities, the first such court ruling in US history. His lawyers successfully argued against insanity, claiming that one of the deputies had committed the crimes without Milligan’s knowledge. After the trial, he spent nearly 10 years in psychiatric hospitals and was released in 1988. He died of cancer in 2014.

At the time of the trial, the world knew only 10 of the 24 personalities of Billy. Below is the summary of these 10 personalities.

1. William Stanley Milligan (“Billy”), 26. The original, or core, personality.

2. Arthur; 22. The Englishman. He speaks with a British accent. He is the first to discover the existence of all the others, he decides who comes out and holds consciousness, depending on the situation.

3. Ragen Vadascovinich, 23. The keeper of hate. He is a Yugoslavian and speaks English with a noticeable Slavic accent. He dominates the consciousness in dangerous places. He is responsible for the kidnappings in a bid to rob the victims.

4. Allen, 18. The con man. A manipulator, he is the one who most often deals with outsiders.

5. Tommy, 16. The escape artist.

6. Danny, 14. The frightened one. Afraid of people, especially men.

7. David, 8. The keeper of pain. Absorbs all the hurt and suffering of the other personalities.

8. Christene, 3. The corner child.

9. Christopher, 13. Christenes brother.

10. Adalana, 19. The lesbian, shy , lonely and in need of love. She is the reason behind the rape of three women!

William Stanley Milligan peronalitiesThus, according to the psychiatric report, Ragen became aware of Milligan and decided to rob some women. But before Ragen could steal anyone, Adalana took power and raped the women because she was alone and wanted to feel close to someone. The other personalities had no memory of these crimes.

During his treatment at the Athens Medical Center, his other 14 personalities were discovered. Arthur has removed these personalities and is therefore called “undesirable”. One of the 24 personalities, the Instructor, is the fusion of all the personalities merged into one. The teacher has an almost total memory of all the personalities, their creation, their thoughts, their actions, their relations, etc. With the help of the teacher, the doctors were able to treat Billy and merge him into one.

Billy Milligan was allegedly abused by his father-in-law, Chalmer Milligan. His father-in-law would have sodomized him several times and, in one case, buried him alive at the age of nine. It would have broken Billy’s personality. However, Chalmer Milligan has denied all allegations and has never been charged.

Ten creepy facts you did not know

  1. Sonny Graham received a heart transplant after donor Terry Cottle killed himself. Graham fell in love with Cottle’s widow, married her, and eventually killed himself in the same way as his donor on the same day.
  2. Did you know that you can actually get chlamydia from a koala? Not so cute anymore huh?
  3. Bed bugs mate by rape. The male stabs the female in the stomach with its penis, literally stabbing her through her shell. No wonder they are on our beds.
  4. There are microscopic mites living on your eyelashes, feeding and dying on you. Lots of them infact.
  5. If you’re attacked by a bear it won’t try to kill you like other predators would, it’ll just start eating. Apparently bears can smell menstrual blood flow.
  6. Your body has more bacterial cells on and in it right now than cells containing your own DNA. If you combine all of those into a ball, it would weigh about 2kgs.
  7. In rare instances, gas created due to decomposition of the body after death, has enough pressure to cause a decomposing pregnant women to expel the fetus. Known as Coffin Birth.
  8. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been accused of genocide and to be involved in the massacre of 2000 people in the Gujarat Riots of ‘02. Although, he had been later cleared of those charges.
  9. Some tumors can contain pockets of hair, teeth & very rarely, grow more complex organs such as eyes, feet, hands as well as other limbs. There have been a few cases too.
  10. For so called pokemon fanatics, Cubone wears the skull of its dead mother.

Weird Facts You’ll Want To Tell All Your Friends

  • A man died in Nigeria when his 5 wives, jealous of each other, raped him on knife point.
  • Sloppy handwriting skills of doctors are responsible for over 7000 deaths each year.
  • Applying a male’s underarm sweat to a female’s lips can help women relax, boost their mood and help regulate their menstrual cycle.
  • A Chinese man sued his wife for delivering an “extremely ugly” baby and won the case.
  • White chocolate isn’t really chocolate as it doesn’t include the two most vital ingredients found in chocolate:cocoa solids and cocoa liquor
  • Usain Bolt broke the world record in 100m final at the 2008 Beijing Olympics with an untied shoe.
  • If prison rapes are included in the Rape Statistics, more men are raped than women in the United States.
  • Male mice actually sing love songs for females — The sounds they make are ultrasonic and humans are unable to hear them.
  • When a male honey bee climaxes during sex, his testicles explode and he dies.
  • A Swedish couple named their kid “Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116.” The name is pronounced “Albin.”
world's weirdest facts

world’s weirdest facts