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Smoking can make your penis shrink – Cigarettes could be the cause of your ‘shrinkage’

This cigarette you think you want to do look cool could actually be the reason why your penis shriveled.According to experts, smoking can be a number of negative effects on men, including erectile dysfunction and even withdrawal. Taking online mirror speech, Harley Street urologist Marc Laniado revealed that it is not as rare as one might think.

He said: “I see erectile dysfunction big deal. “Having a firm erection, you need sufficient blood flow. Smokers have a higher incidence of arteriosclerosis in all blood vessels, including the penis, which can reduce blood flow. “The chemicals in smoke can also have an effect on firmness, nicotine causes blood vessels to become narrow This may be temporary or – possibly – permanent. “.


He continued: “They often say,” My erection is not so good, I do not wake up with an erection in the morning, as much as I or my penis is not quite so hard when I’m having sex “.

“But sometimes people say their penis becomes shorter as they age, smoking stops the blood flowing into the penis, which stops the spontaneous and nocturnal erections that are necessary to stretch the penis and maintain it at a good length.

“So, in summary smoking can make your penis appear more or less, in fact, become shorter. ” But the specialist said that there is not that men who might feel the impact of smoking on their Nethers, women could also be in trouble. He added: “The excitement of the woman is – if you think about it – also affected by blood flow to the area. ”


Experts have already identified links between CIGS and performance in the bedroom.

According to Medical News Today, cigarettes have toxins that can damage the blood vessels in your human thing.
In a 1998 study, boffins at Boston Medical University examined the penis of 200 men and found that men who were smokers were far enough away from those who do not.

Part Search also concluded that smoking inhibits blood flow to the genitals, stop the penis stretching. As well as smoking, drugs could also affect the size of your penis – including drugs like Adderall (often prescribed to people with attention deficit disorder) and some antidepressants and neuroleptics.


Some drugs used to treat prostate problems could also have an effect, a 2012 study of a drug called finasteride revealing that men have suffered from withdrawal and reduces the sensation, and another published in Urology journal noting that 41 percent of those taking the drug dutasteride suffered sexual dysfunction.

What are physical and mental effects of wearing male chastity device?

Some men find it very erotic to give control of their orgasm to their partner, and some women find it very erotic to take this check and be the key fob. Contrary to the image it can inspire a woman locked her husband cock and throw away the key, chastity is actually a means to increase sexual arousal for both submission caged and the holder key.

Some men find the moments before orgasm to be very erotic, and let the orgasm, as enjoyable as it is, means these very erotic feelings dissipate. They like to stay in this area as long as possible. Chastity is a way to stay in this area for an extended period of time.

Health and mental well-being a priority of course. The device is removed from time to time for cleaning and inspection, and an orgasm, either ruined or not is encouraged at least a month for prostate health.

Being locked and knowing they will not be allowed to release the man allowed to focus on pleasing his woman during sex. Some men find it very erotic to be able to give their wives and repeated orgasms know they can not, in a moment of weakness, orgasm, and at the end of playing time.

Some women love their partners in chastity before leaving on a business trip to prevent masturbation. Then send them a lot of Sext knowing they can not do anything about it. They know that their husbands will be very willing to meet sexually, or in a way really, when they come back.

I would not say the woman’s husband locked in a chastity device because she does not trust him. Games like this require a lot of trust and communication.

Locking your husband in chastity opens dialogue about desire and encourage each partner to discuss when, how, how often they want pleasure, and what they like.

For a woman who wants to feminize her husband submitted, it can use a chastity to design accent that is subject to and must find its pleasures (and free) in the dedicated pursuit to become a better more completely feminized sissy fetish.

For sissy, there is a physiological impact, constantly reminding him of his docility and submission, lead him to find erotic pleasure almost exclusively and humble themselves in his service to it as an ultra feminized male effeminate. If allowed, this can be combined with other sissy training missions and be very effective in helping your sissy be always diligent in his anal training in the hope of reaching a “sissygasm” on a regular basis. There is nothing more deliciously humiliating for a sissy to have an orgasm anally penetrated.

A couple of cups of coffee a day keep the doctor away

British scientists from more than 200 studies on coffee consumption and health, published in The BMJ, a British medical journal.

According to the researchers, people who drink three to four cups of coffee a day are more likely to see the health benefits that damage with premature death rate of cardiovascular disease and lower liver disease.

Drink more coffee is also associated with a decrease in many types of cancer, including prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, skin cancer, leukemia, liver cancer, according to the findings of researchers. Type 2 diabetes rates, gallstones and dementia associated with coffee consumption were also lower.

Drinking three to four cups of coffee is the most beneficial to health, except for pregnant women and people prone to fractures.

Given that this was an analysis of existing studies, it is impossible to take into account many other factors that have affected the health of subjects. More studies are needed to determine causation and not just correlation. In other words, it may be that people healthier also drink coffee, but the findings of the analysis suggest that there are more positive than negative effects.

Although the review has shown that coffee consumption had more benefits than harm, studies have not been adjusted for important confounders such as body mass index, smoking, age, alcohol consumption, income and education levels.

Rat inside rectum – This is insane

A man goes into the ER, his face is blue, it looks like he will die. They examined his entire body but did not know what was wrong. They turned him over and saw TAIL coming out of his ass. After doing a CT scan, they found a mouse in his rectum. The mouse bit part of his intestine, and the man suffered internal bleeding, which is why his face turned blue.

Apparently the man decided to put the condom on a live mouse to strangle him and then put it on his ass so that his breath would hit his prostate and he would feel pleasure. The man fully recovered, but the poor rat died. “