Tattooist Kozo creates pop culture inspired tattoos

Pop culture society can play an important part in our lives, so it’s just regular that individuals need to recollect them everlastingly with a tattoo. Fortunately, a craftsman referred to just as Kozo is making body workmanship that is striking in its loyal entertainments of dearest motion pictures, TV programs, and past.

In spite of the fact that Kozo is glad to tattoo a representation of Wall-E, his most vital pieces are combinations of various subjects and characters. A portion of his uncontrollably well known plans highlight The Simpsons reproducing The Beatles’ notorious Abbey Road collection cover, and Batman’s two Jokers (Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix) standing one next to the other. Also, in a genuinely epic tattoo on a customer’s arm, Kozo reconsidered Da Vinci’s The Last Supper with characters including Spongebob Squarepants, Deadpool, and Albert Einstein at the table. The outcomes are flippant plans that workmanship sweethearts and mainstream society fans will both appreciate.