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German Teen Illegally Climb Egypt's Great Pyramid

A German tourist illegally scaled Egypt’s great pyramid of Giza, in broad daylight. Armed with a Go-Pro 18-year-old Andrej Ciesielski climbed nearly 500 feet to the top of the pyramid. Climbing the pyramid comes at a steep cost, a possible three year jail sentence if convicted. About halfway up he was spotted by Egyptian police. When he descended the pyramid he was taken into custody. Authorities made him delete his photos but they were unaware he could recover the files.

Conclusion: The perfect crime is a data Recovery tool!

Mums of idiots in cars: “Stop following my son!”

This isn’t going to court, in fact those cops are probably gonna get in trouble. They’re legally required to stop chasing you if your parents call into the station; it’s also the polite thing to do.

Police: 911 what is your emergency?

Mom: The police are following my son! They even have a helicopter. Please have them stop, he is a good kid!

Police: What is his name, make and model of car and license plate?

Mom: His name is Winston Howell the third, he is driving my 2017 Audi Q7. It is black. The plate is R I C H B C H.

Police: Did he call you? Is he driving?

Mom: Yes, he called me and said that he is driving and the only reason he is speeding is because the police are following him.

Police: Thank you ma’am.

Is this the most dangerous photo ever put on social media?

If you are afraid of heights, sorry. Model Viki Odintcova caused an uproar in 2017 when she took a picture of herself on the edge dangling Cayan Tower Dubai. According to the New Zealand Herald, the building is 307 meters tall (about 1007.22 feet). Homegirl was no safety net and nothing attached to it in the building, but the hand of his burly assistant. This is also true for the photo of his fake a fall out of the building. Not even kidding.

Of course, his fans immediately shouted WTF. They asked how on earth she thought it would be a good idea to risk his life for such a horrifying image. But in her defense, she issued a warning “do not try this at home” and released a behind the scenes video of how she made the waterfall. She commented on how easy it was to do so and, in fact, building officials must thank to expose this major fault.

USA Today reported that Dubai police demanded that Odintcova sign documents saying she did perform another waterfall that could endanger his life in Dubai. No word on whether her mother had a heart attack on seeing the photos.

Apex The Secret Race Across America – A documentary that will shed light on the real coast-to-coast Cannonball Run

The first film was about Apex automakers like Porsche and Koenigsegg trying to build the fastest cars on earth with the best technology of our time. It is even legitimate, socially acceptable, unless you hate supercars. If this is a story about what happens in daylight, the latest film in the series, Apex: The Secret Race across America is what happens in the shadows.

With interviews taken over several decades, the film covers two important stories of what is known colloquially Cannonball Run: an attempt to drive coast to coast, from New York to Los Angeles, faster than anyone ever has done anything.


The first story is the final race of 1983 American Express, the successor of the original Cannonball which resulted in a record 32 hours, the time of 7 minutes that for decades. The second is on the drivers Alex Roy and Dave Maher, and how they finally broke that record in 2007.

This is not a tour quietly. It involves a lot of radar detectors, police scanners, highway speed three figures, a plane that monitors air and many close calls along the way.
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtcJVCXT8P0[/embedyt]
Needless to say, none of this is part of an officially sanctioned race event. It is illegal. That’s the whole point. He has always been.

The film is a kind of re-expanded cut the film 32 hours 7 minutes, the original documentary film drawn Cory Welles rear seat intercepted by Roy. This film has been linked in legal hell for years, but this new version is hailed as definitive at least some of its principles. Furthermore, Ice-T is now here to provide the narration.

The parachutes in action movie opening with Roy blasting through Oklahoma in his blue BMW M5. He tried cross country register, not a spur of the moment drive, but something well coordinated until spotter plane. It is on the radio with his driver head as they keep an eye on the ground. But the hard drive marshes as they come out of a toll booth. Roy pulls on and off the motor.

“For every minute they are stationary, they have to go 180 miles an hour to match 90, which is obviously not going to happen,” said the driver. Roy forlornly closes the cover, surrounded by a band of radar equipment and radio is now essentially useless.

That was in April 2006. The rest of the film is about what happened next, and what preceded. It covers the culture, if you want to call it, another word could be stress-people whose goal is to drive as fast as possible from one end of the country to another.
On the other side of the wind: The test of a folder for Transcontinental

These attempts are almost as old as the automobile itself. The Cannonball Run is named after Erwin “Cannon Ball” Baker, a racing driver, daredevil and vaudeville artist who led New York to Los Angeles in about 54 hours by 1933. (In Graham-Paige, as We did it.)

His record was until 1971 when the legendary car and scribe of Brock Yates driver and his friends showed up, ostensibly to make a political point. The film tells the objective Yates was to show that America’s roads could, indeed, be used to the same extreme speeds you see on Autobahn in Germany. He was also said to be a protest against the unpopular national speed limit of 55 mph time.
Illustration iApex article entitled: The secret Race Across America / i takes you Inside The Darker Side Of Speed

After years of additional courses, awareness, magazine articles and a Burt Reynolds movie very popular, Cannonball Run had become a “circus,” an event with “the wrong kind of attention,” as one veteran put .

In the early 1980s, the US had turned into an express invitation only event run by deeply frenzied competition that improved their fuel cells and packed with the best technology they could buy or build in their Porsches and Ferraris and Pantera. It ended in 1983 with a 32 hour record 7 minutes that Roy and Maher until it removed the board.
The Cannonball Run is fun, but not as legendary as the actual race


We must pause a little to consider such a record. Drivers were on average 89 mph from New York to Los Angeles. No, but on average. Most people can not even imagine how fast you must drive to remove it. How careful you have to be to avoid the cops. How did you get to be strategic where you go. And how much you endanger do, to say nothing of others.

In the US express arrested when police got wise to it. But culture gave birth to car rallies and supercar tuner in America and Europe. You know, things like the Gumball 3000, the rich idiots chasing Lambos parties and girls and coke as they hunted speed. If ever there was a justification for races like the Cannonball Express and US, it is much harder to find.

This is Roy comes in. With Maher and a support team of friends, he sought to prove the 1983 record was legitimate and beat him.
Illustration iApex article entitled: The secret Race Across America / i takes you Inside The Darker Side Of Speed


The tool for the job, maybe now famous, was modified BMW M5 E39 and equipped with radar detectors, a 16 gallon fuel cell, a CB radio, GPS navigation units, a police scanner, night vision, cameras to document the entire thing and delivered was a nod to the German Polizei. None of this was cheap: we see sound Roy at least one invoice for $ 25,000 to equip the M5.

Their drive voltage packs quite true unpredictability and it is worth the price of admission. The rowdy Roy and soft-spoken but determined Maher rockets through the roads of America, listen to the scanners try to hide when they spotted, weave in and out of traffic and work with their driver to dodge the cops. “Cop cop cop cop cop! “They almost constantly cry.

It is hard not to cringe at these scenes. I did every time I saw Maher sweep about 18 wheels and sport utility vehicles as they are fixed objects at speeds that you rarely see on American roads. They, and the 1983 veterans, all emphasize how they have worked to remain in their safety zones. I say that’s fine until another car suddenly cross your path when you go over 100 mph.


Police Arrest Family Twice in 2 Days for Loitering in own Front Yard

That town/sheriffs office just paid a lot of money for some really dumb decisions…

If you’re black Forget cold front of your own home. At least that’s what one township of Chester, Pennsylvania, the family discovered earlier this month after several family members were arrested for vagrancy.
[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IxNJquRRc0[/embedyt]
Rachel Briggs, a member of the family, it all started on October 1, when Pasquale Storace III officer arrested her son and nephew for “vagrancy” while playing in the front yard. The second time was held on October 2 when the young men who were arrested were returning home after spending the night in jail and were greeted by family members outside their house.

In trying to justify the arrests, police in Chester Township said the cursed family to them the second time, a man has launched a window of a cop car.
“The gentleman was taken to jail, they had high bails imposed on them. Families are scrambling to get their money together, they were able to get them out the next day, “Briggs told the news station.

However, young people are not out of the prison for long. When they were released and the grateful family members were welcome them back in the same court officer before Storace, who is white, once again reappeared again and arrested the young men and other family members the family’s lawyer Kevin Mincey said.

“This should not happen to any citizen, and certainly an owner or a person who rents a property,” said Mincey. “Chester Township Police Department failed my family. Instead of protecting us and serve us, they decided to attack us many times, “Briggs, who ended up being arrested and added.

Climate Protestors Lose Control Of Their ‘Blood Hose’ – Extinction Rebellion

The plan of activists climate change to spray fake blood on the Treasury has not taken off to the best start.

Dressed in an outfit funerals were held on the vehicle – which had a banner reading “Stop funding climate death” of his side – both demonstrators criticized the military role of the UK in the Middle East and investments UK in companies that cause major fossil fuel emissions, and urged others to rebel.

The Star Wars Holiday Special FULL VIDEO – It Only Aired Once, But Drew In Massive Audiences

They splashed the main building of HM Treasury on Horse Guards Road London for a few seconds until they lost control of the pipe, flooding a bystander and more spray activists other than 1800 liters of organic liquid containing beetroot gushed wildly in the street. After about 15 minutes dozens of police arrived and arrested four militants, saying to watch them until they can be returned safely from the vehicle.

Mark Ovland, one of the protesters, said he was willing to be imprisoned for action. “It takes a real revival in terms of the money spent by the government,” he said from the top of the non-board pumper. “Decisions taken in this building going towards a future not. We fund billions in subsidies for fossil fuels and carbon-intensive projects, and we just need to rethink if we are in grave “.

After the scale has happened more than an hour later, the militants have voluntarily climbed down and were taken away by officers. As he was escorted to a police van, 83 years old Phil Kingston said the fact the Treasury was “terrible things.”

They “made” a little less than $1,000? Who the F*** talks like that about wedding presents

Cathy Eastburn, another protester, said she frogmarched into a police vehicle that his children did not have a future if the policies that have “devastating consequences” on the environment continued to be pursued.

“They must stop financing projects that cause more global warming and this means that we do not have a future for our children,” she said. “All children worldwide have no future if we continue to do so. ”

The group said the UK remained the largest fossil fuel subsidies provider in the EU and highlighted a recent report by a Commons committee who said the government credit agency, the UK Export Finance, undermining international climate and the country’s development goals.

“UKEF of support for energy from fossil fuels is too high with the majority of investments in projects in countries with low and middle income,” it read. “The risk of locking them in to high carbon dependency for decades to come”

The Metropolitan Police said a total of eight people were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage; Five men aged between 34 and 83, and three women aged between 34 and 60. He confirmed that the fire engine was seized and removed after the force was called to the scene just before 10:20.

He said there were no reported injuries and the local road closures were in place while the Police handled the incident. A defender said he “took his hat” to the militants. “We must all make sacrifices, whether as an activist or a person in order to save our planet and keep livable for our children,” said Robert Possnett, who was convicted of acting in a disorderly manner this year a public meeting.

However, a witness criticized the action, in which the liquid was sprayed powerfully on a path, saying, “You idiots, you put everyone in danger. ” The event comes before an “international rebellion” of two weeks from Monday. The rebels said they extinction “peacefully occupy the centers of power and shut” until governments act on the climate emergency. “Take two weeks off,” read a leaflet distributed.

A spokesman for the Treasury said: “The UK is a world leader on climate change – have reduced emissions by 42% between 1990 and 2017, while the growth of the economy over two thirds. “In June, we became the first major economy to legislate to end our contribution to world war

100 funniest short jokes

“I want to start with a chimney joke – I have a stack. The first is at home. “- Vine Team

As a scarecrow, people say I am extraordinary in my field. But straw – it’s in my jeans.

“The best time to add insult to injury is when you sign a contract with someone.” – Demetri Martin

“Years ago I used to supply Filofax to the mafia. I was involved in a very organized crime. “- Milton Jones

“I dreamed last night that I cut carrots with the Grim Reaper – revoked with death.” – Vine Team

I told my girlfriend that she raised her eyebrows too high. He looked surprised.

“I went to buy camouflage pants the other day, but I couldn’t find it.” – Tommy Cooper

I waited and stayed up all night and tried to find out where the sun was. Then I realized.

“I saw this guy chatting up cheetah. I thought:‘ He tried to pull fast. ‘”- Team Vine

“I have kleptomania. But when it gets worse, I take something for it. “- Ken Dodd

Time passes like an arrow, the fruit flies like a banana.

“This man said to me: ‘I will attack you with the neck of the guitar.’ I said: ‘Is it anxious?’ “- Vine Team

“This police came to me with a pencil and a very thin piece of paper. He said, ‘I want you to track someone for me. ” – Vine Team

“Someone really praised me while driving me today. They left a few notes, he said said Good Parking. ‘- Vine Team

I told my friend 10 jokes to make him laugh. There are no words in 10 do.

I bought a few shoes from a drug dealer. I did not know what he liked about them, but I had tripped all day.

I have decided to sell my Hoover – it only collects dust.

“I usually meet my girlfriend at 12:59 because I like that time one by one.” – Tom Ward

How does NASA arrange a party? They are planets.

Did you hear about the actor falling from the floor? He just passed the stage.

“My New Year’s resolution is to get a good body shape. I choose the round. “- Sarah Millican

“My wife – it’s hard to say what she did. She sells shells on the beach.” – Milton Jones

What does the left eye to the right eye say? Between you and me, something smells.

“I told the Inland Revenue I didn’t owe them a dime. I lived by the sea.” – Ken Dodd

My wife told me that I must stop acting like a flamingo. So I have to put my foot down.

“I need a password that is eight characters long, so I chose Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” – Nick Helm

Sometimes I put my knees to my chest and leaned forward. That’s how I roll.

“The hardest work I have ever had? Selling doors, door to door. “- Bill Bailey

A soldier survived mustard gas in battle, and then pepper spray by the police. He is now an experienced veteran.

“Looking at my face like reading in a car. It’s okay for 10 minutes, then you start feeling sick. “- Andrew Lawrence

I bought my friend an elephant for his room. He said “Thank you!” I said, “Don’t mention it.”

“I was playing chess with my friend and he said, ‘Let’s make this interesting’. So, we stopped playing chess. “- Matt Kirshen

Why do we tell the actors to ‘break their legs?’ Because each game has a player.

“Crime in a multi-storey parking lot. That’s wrong on many different levels. “- Vine Team

“Cement mixers collide with the prison van. Drivers are asked to look for 16 hard criminals. “- Peter Kay

What is the difference between hippos and hippos? One is very heavy, and the other is a little lighter.

“I met this guy with a didgeridoo and he was playing Dancing Queen. I thought, ‘that’s Abba-riginal.’ “- Vine Team

“My grandfather found a cold air balloon. It never really took off.” – Milton Jones

“I recently went on a balloon vacation – I’m wearing four stones!” – Milton Jones

I hate Russian dolls … so full of themselves!

“Two monkeys are bathing. One said: ‘Oo, oo, aah.’ Others answered: ‘Then just chill.

My friend said to me: “What is Rhy

Man Sentenced to 50 Years for Stealing $1.2 Million Worth of Fajitas

A Texas man UN agency plead guilty to stealing over $1.2 million in fajitas whereas acting as a employee has been sentenced to fifty years in jail.

Gilberto Escamilla, 53, was used at the Darrel B. Hester Juvenile jail in San Benito, Texas, till August 2017 — once it had been discovered that he had been putting orders for fajitas mistreatment county funds and so mercantilism them for his own profit since Dec 2008, per Cameron County Court filings.

When sentenced, Escamilla was additionally served with the most fine of $10,000 on prime of the $1,251,578.72 he was ordered to pay back for the price of the fajitas, officers aforesaid.

According to The port of entry Herald, Escamilla’s theme unraveled last August once a delivery driver with Labatt Food Service phoned the jail to present room workers a heads up that Associate in Nursing 800-pound delivery of fajitas had arrived.

Employees directly thought the delivery to be suspicious as minors at the jail don’t seem to be served fajitas, but the delivery driver insisted that had been delivering fajitas to the detention center’s room for the past 9 years.

After being unemployed and inactive, Escamilla’s house was searched by police, UN agency found packages of the fajitas in his white goods.

“It was stingy. It started tiny and got larger and out of management,” Escamilla aforesaid throughout court testimony, per the Herald. “It need to the purpose wherever i could not management it any longer.”

Texas State District decide J. Manuel Banales, UN agency two-handed down the sentence, laid-off a further larceny charge as a part of Associate in Nursing earlier plea deal created by Escamilla. as a result of Escamilla scarf over $200,000 price of products, Texas law considers the crime to be a primary degree law-breaking and permits for a sentencing of up to ninety nine years in jail. It additionally permits for a additional severe penalty if the litigator commits against the law whereas acting as a employee.