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Fans don’t seem to appreciate Kim Kardashian’s efforts to use a bit of digital magic to create the perfect family photo

The reality TV star has to Instagram Friday to show Flintstones-themed outfits Halloween family. Kim dressed as Betty Rubble, St. was Fred, North dressed as Wilma, and babies dressed as the Flintstones real toddlers – Chicago Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Psalm. Kanye West dressed as Dino, pet dinosaur Flintstones.

But this costume caused a bit of a problem for Chicago, Kim shared. Little did not realize that the giant dinosaur was really just a suit and his father was inside. So with Chicago apparently too scared to join the rest of the family photo, Kim let the toddler jump the snap and was rather a separate image of the digitally edited 21 months.

The results unsatisfactory, and fans had no difficulty Kim how poorly edited picture was.

“Lol I’m sooooo here for editing Chicago,” wrote another fan, adding emoji laugh-cry. “it’s good.”

Most comments on the issue seems to be in jest, and the vast majority of the thousands of comments seemed impressed with Halloween costumes coordinated family. The series of shots also won nearly 6 million likes.

This is not the first time that Kim Kardashian has been charged to look too much on the photo editing to make his photographs perfect look. Cosmopolitan reported, fans jumped to reality TV star several times with accusations that she used an obvious Photoshop part to give a more flattering look for herself.

Kim has sometimes pushed against these rumors, as it did in March 2018 when fans noticed a car that was crushed in the background of one of his pictures, apparently a liberal use of editing.

Kim responded by saying that she had actually done anything with the photo itself. Instead, she had re-posted a photo that a fan had done and added his own filter to it.

“I see online and new media that I had a” Photoshop fail, “Kim wrote in a post on his website. “So ridiculous! I reposted a photo on Instagram that a fan had posted I just added a filter for it … It looks like the fan reflects the photo, which is why the car looks like. “

Apple’s new and improved iPhone 11 PRO camera, cockfishing will be easier than ever

Apple released the iPhone Pro 11 September 10, 2019 and of course it came with a number of new features, including improved camera. The new phone has three wide-angle camera lenses (wide, ultra wide angle and telephoto) allowing the user to capture four times the scene. It also provides better images in low light material and is perfect for taking pictures of dreamy landscapes.

Man Gets Grounded By Father-In-Law – “Many will say this post is fake and I really wish it was”

However, not everyone uses the new high-tech device for taking pictures of sunsets. Some have discovered that he, uh, other uses such as … improving your penis size.

Cockfishing is basically the younger cousin of catfishing. A catfish is someone who uses a different identity for their online persona, but cockfish use penis shots amended to make it bigger than it actually is.

The new three-lense camera of the iPhone is a possibility, but it is not only possible using the new iPhone. If you have not had a chance to update yet (or you are an Android user), small objects can be used to make the penis look bigger by comparison. Of course, there’s always Photoshop and other image editing applications too.

The Best Real Life Embarrassing Photoshop Fails

It seems that almost every image we see in the media is altered in one way or another. Whether it’s magazine ads or online products, photo editors around the world are taking models to a whole new level: they often do fun work for Photoshop and let the audience see them.