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New York Subway During the 1970–80’s

During the 1970–80’s the New York subway system was one of the most dangerous places in the country. A combination of rap music, graffiti, The Warriors (in theaters at the time), the Guardian Angels made taking the train an undesirable method of transportation, but still an unavoidable one. Swiss photographer, Willy Spiller, captured these photos and many more.

New York 1940s in Color! Driving Downtown Remastered

New York City in the 1940s was buzzing with activity, with the population of Manhattan almost reaching 2 million inhabitants.first shot is heading uptown on 8th Avenue. Madison Square Garden is on the left, at 50th Street is 5th avenue, looking uptown, at 59th street. seems to be a crosstown street, with many stooped apartment buildings, possibly midtown.